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Day 81: I think there's something wrong with my scale..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It keeps going down! lol! I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but I guess I just don't feel like I deserved it this week. Isn't that awful?!! Knocking on wood again and again!! But I have just been feeling out of it this week. I think it's the soccer season. I have to be out in the sun 4 times a week and that's not including at home practicing, walking, gardening, etc. etc.
But anyway on Monday I went down, Tuesday I went back up just a tad, then Wednesday down, then today DOWN AGAIN!! The only thing different is I haven't been working out quite as hard and I ate a whole bag of wasabi peas in less than a week. :( Maybe I should start a wasabi pea diet. LOL! Although I think I've had my fill for a long while! lol!
I'm not going to log the weight yet though on here even though I normally jump at the chance to log a loss (of course not the gains), just because I want to make sure it's for real. lol! I want to give it another day or so. It almost feels too good to be true. I'm crazy I know. Oh well, I need to go walk and try and set in this weight loss. I want to hold on to it until the official weigh in on Sunday. :)
I'm also going to make some more soup today. I'm craving a soup with spinach, potatoes, maybe some white beans.. mmmm... I need to hurry!!!

Have a great day fellow sparkers!!
and Happy Spring!! Let's pray to hold on to it for a while before summer jumps in!

Keep Moving Forward!!
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