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Day 82: Why I Weigh Everyday

Friday, March 23, 2012

There are so many different articles that say to NEVER weigh everyday, that you should weigh weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. I choose to weigh everyday as part of my morning routine. I wake up, I pee (Sorry, TMI), I weigh. I have found out the hard way that if I don't, I go into denial mode and start slowly but surely stepping back into bad habits. By weighing everyday I wake up with the purpose of starting the day with an intention of paying attention. Paying attention to my health, to what I eat, to exercise, etc. That is what I've found that I NEED. I need to PAY ATTENTION. If I don't weigh, if I don't have that part of my daily routine, then I'm not paying attention and I find it easier to then maybe grab the wrong thing for breakfast, and then since I've already messed up there it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and eat this or that for lunch, maybe wait until tomorrow to do that workout, etc. etc. It could be the start of a downward spiral for me.
Everybody is completely different. To some the scale is a source of depression and negative feelings. To me it is a tool I use to keep me in check and on track. To remind me everyday of my goals. "This is where I am at now. This is where I want to be. What do I need to do today to get there.?" And having those weekly goals really helps too. So then you step on the scale and you see, OK I only have .5 to 2 pounds (which ever is your goal that week) to lose and I have 7 days to do it, What can I do today to help me get there. It starts my day off with intention instead of denial. For me, this is what I need. I am the Queen of Denial! But now, as far as my weight goes, not anymore.


"When you consciously create and live with intention in your mind and in your heart it sets things in motion." -Heather Madder

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I do the same thing, I don't obsess, I don't stress about it, but I do it every morning. It keeps my mind in the right place and makes me accountable. I have to have that accountability because without it, it would be so easy to just let that extra stuff slide in.

    I have to be intential whether it is with my workouts, meals or snacks.

    I do the same thing with my BS and BP. It is just part of my habits to a healthier me.
    3417 days ago
  • BOSS61
    I fully agree. Weighing every day caters to the mathematical mind of this scientist for sure.
    3418 days ago
    I always fight with my scale and try to figure out how to use it wisely. i like how u say you look at it as a tool. I tried to weigh in daily and got frustrated sometimes, i tried weekly and was too impatient for that...then i decided on monthly and just after a short while i know that is not gonna work. exactly like u say...if i don't have the motivation, the control, i am gonna lose track and it is way too easy to fall back into old habbits.
    right now i am back to weigh in daily. I am aware now that there are times in the month where the scale goes up and I know I don't have to get frustrated about it. I don't care how much I drop as long as it is dropping. 1lbs a week is perfectly fine...I don't wana starve myself...i wanna live healthy and happy and the weight can come off slow...i carried it around for 30 years...i don't have to lose it all in 6 months :)
    hope you are having a great weekend !!! my tool was friendly to me this morning :) i am down 35lbs now :)
    3418 days ago
  • RINA2002
    That's the reason I do that, too. Without the daily reminder, I would easily pop something in my mouth and instantly minimize its effect on my weight.
    3419 days ago
    It works for you and I say if it keeps you accountable then that is what is best for you :)
    3419 days ago
  • SYZYGY922
    I weigh pretty much every day, too. If I get in a bad mindspace where I start obsessing over numbers then I take a break, but honestly it's the easiest way for me to stay out of denial and to keep my eating and exercise habits in check!
    3419 days ago
    I totally agree! It works for me.
    3419 days ago
    I like this. I do better when I weigh every day. Keeps my choices top of mind.
    3419 days ago
    I'm also a daily weight person. I've been weighing myself daily since some time in the 1990's, but I only have records back to 12/31/2001. By the time I actually started tracking food (7/1/2011), daily weighing was totally detached from what I "should" weigh and was simply a measure of what I *do* weigh, as consistently as possible from day to day.

    I blogged about daily weights early on with SP, and found that I wasn't alone. That's nice to know; but I'd still weigh daily even if everyone else insisted on weekly or monthly.
    3419 days ago
    You took the words out of my mouth. I weigh daily for the same reasons as you... because it's a part of my routine and it keeps me aware. Weighing daily isn't for everyone but it works for me. Thanks for posting this. emoticon
    3419 days ago
    Great attitude! The scale is just another tool. You have a healthy attitude and know how to use it to keep things in perspective. Awesome!
    3419 days ago
    I weigh in most days, I agree it helps keep me in check!!
    3419 days ago
    Im so glad to know I'm not the only one who does this. I have the exact same morning routine too, lol. It helps me realize that weight fluctuation is normal, plus it's fun to watch the scale drop. But I only track once a week!
    3420 days ago
    Thank you for your post - I used to be the same way but stopped due to the recommendations in what I've read. I need to get back to weighing every day for accountability. There doesn't seem to be an issue if you step on the scale with the understanding that your weight fluctuates.
    3420 days ago
    I weigh-in everyday, too. Well, every morning I remember. I officially record the number once a week. I started doing it this year, and I'm trying to find correlations between sodium, macro-nutrients, days I overeat and weight-loss. An interesting personal experiment indeed.
    3420 days ago
    I use it the same way!
    3420 days ago
    I have to weigh in every day as well. Otherwise I backslide.
    3420 days ago
    I weigh every day, too, and if it's summer and I'm running more than 3 miles, I weigh before and after a run to make sure I stay hydrated enough. To each their own, right? Sounds like your relationship with the scale is a healthy one, and that's what really matters. :)
    3420 days ago
    The way you use your scale is actually recommended by Duke Diet and Fitness. So congratulations on trusting yourself to know what's best for YOU. It's working! That's what matters. emoticon emoticon
    3420 days ago
    I think I'm going to try it your way to see if it helps me. I feel I've been slacking lately and I need to pay closer attention to what I am eating. I'm not going over my calories and some days I find it hard to meet my calories, but I still feel like the weight loss is stalling. I don't want to hit a plateau.. Good news is I am in the SASS challenge now, on the Bahama Mama's team, so any advice would surely help!!

    Have a great day Sara!!
    3420 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10259955
    I do it every day as well! Up or down - good or bad - it helps me stay focused. Now if the numbers would just go down, down, down emoticon
    3420 days ago
    I do it too. I will admit tho that it sets my mood for the day. That's the part I need to change. BUT, it does keep me on track...lets me know if I need to work harder or if I am right on track!
    3420 days ago
    No, no, no. Don't do it!
    3420 days ago
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