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LIMES Week 2 Challenge - Getting to Know Me, Part 1

Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's start with some random, general stuff

I grew up in Southern California, Fullerton, to be exact. When I was 24 I moved to Florida and lived there for 3 years before going home. I stayed home for 3 years, but during that time my mom moved to Connecticut and I followed in 1998. Been here ever since.

I've battled my weight my whole life. I've done alot of things in my life that I am not proud of, and allowing myself to balloon up to 274.5 pounds is certainly one of them. Many people start this journey for health reasons but for me it was strictly vanity. I'm so very lucky to have never experienced any health problems related to my weight. I've lost over 100 pounds and have kept most of of it off.

I've been married twice and the first marriage didn't last a year, but my hubby and I will be married 12 years in August, and later this month we will celebrate 21 years together. Our twins were almost 8 and co-ring bearers in our wedding. My oldest son was a groomsman.

I have 3 kids. Brandon is the oldest and he is 24. The twins, Logan and Jordan are 20. Yes, I had them young but I wouldn't change a thing.

I work for an environmental services company and wear many hats from customer service to dispatch to credit and collections.

Stay tuned. More to come throughout the week.

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