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Monday, March 26, 2007

maybe i'm heavier than i'd like to be because i don't eat enough... if that makes any sense. seriously though... i have a philosophy behind this. i have been doing extensive amounts of reading the past few weeks, & i have learned about sending your body into starvation mode.

apparently when you do this, thinking that skipping meals or eating an extremely low number of calories is helping you... it's actually hurting you, because what you DO eat is automatically stored as fat.


and i mean, i'm really disappointed in myself for what i've eaten today. some peanut butter crackers & a handful of pretzels. whoopeeee. when i started this whole thing & decided to get on the right track & eat small meals during the day, that's what i was going to do. i'm over starving myself, but i can't seem to get on the right track.

i set my fat grams & calories lower than suggested, but i went over my fat grams yesterday. i know it was that damn donut. gahhh! i could have passed it up, it wasn't even that good, it was kind of stale! but i didn't, just because i guess i felt like i owed it to myself. i even got a french cruller because i figured it couldn't be that bad. boom, 15 extra grams of fat.

i soound so obsessive when i'm writing all of this stuff down! argh.

i feel sick to my stomach when i think about eating more than once or twice during the day, and i have upped my water intake by a million. i mean, i think i run to the bathroom every ten minutes! (at least it feels that way...)

i don't know. i feel a little lost. i'm all about staying motivated, as may of you will know, but i was just looking at my food list for today, & i was just like... you have got to be kidding me. i mean, i'm either not eating at all or not eating enough or something. weight isn't just falling off of me anymore, i guess i'm going to have to work for these 30 pounds!

does anyone have any good suggestions for snacks & things? i'm a notoriously picky eater. very little meat, so it's hard to keep my protien up... but i'm working on that. salty things have to be my vice, i mean... i'm not a big candy eater or soda drinker... but give me a handful of crunchy salty pretzels & i'm yours!
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  • JENBUG28
    One of my fav snacks for extra protein is a tablespoon of Peanut Butter! YUM!! :) I also keep fresh apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, and other seasonal fruit around my house. This helps me a lot. I know I can just grab and go! I usually have one in the morning on my way to work and try to have another in the evening. Just keep doing your best and you will get it. Good luck!
    5159 days ago
    It's not good to eat less then 1200 calories a day as your body think's it starving and stores all the cals as fat which were all trying to avoid! Just take baby steps and you'll eventually be able to eat 3 or more meals a day or try having more food at the 2 meals you do have. all I can think of is try having more fruit and veggies as snacks maybe some toast with some peanut butter, um air poped pop corn, um a hard boiled egg with a few crackers I'm sure there's tones of ideas for snacks try doing a web serch for low fat snacks.

    hang in there your doing great!
    5159 days ago
    The first thing that popped into my head when I started reading your blog was those commericals of children in underdeveloped countries you see on tv. They look like they have enough food and their stomach looks big, but it's just because they're bloated. Not eating enough can be just as bad for you as not eating at all. Also, don't feel bad about your donut you had. Honestly eating one will not kill you or throw you off your diet. It's ok to "slip up." WE ARE HUMAN!!!

    I love snacking and it's been hard for me since I tend to go for the not so healthy snacks. Lately I've been on a frest fruit kick. Another idea is celery sticks with peanut butter. The peanut butter may have a lot of fat, but it's a lot of the "good fat." I have been also liking the 100 calorie packs. If you like sweets, they have a new one. They are 100 calorie hostess cupcakes. Now they're really tiny, but you get 3 small ones and they do have the filling in them. Also, maybe try some whole wheat crackers. Whole wheat wheat thins are good and they have whole grain club crackers as well.

    I hope that helps a little bit!
    5160 days ago
    ahhh, you are fantastic! i don't think i could eat 5 slices if i tried... so i'm sort of a little confused. maybe i'm just supposed to weigh what i weigh. maybe i just need to bust my ass at the gym... you know? i don't over eat, but i'll admit to not always making the right choices. i'm just confused what to do now... i'm tired of torturing myself & my body.
    5160 days ago
  • ERNIE11
    Its true. When you dont eat the right stuff and the right amounts, your body has nothing to work with. So basically your body just eats itself. Its not healthy. I wouldnt worry about the things you eat during the day. You still can have a slice of pizza, just not 5 slices. Its all about how much of it you eat. So dont freak. I learned all this After all the reading ive done on SP. And its hard to lose that final 20. you get at a point where you have to work extra hard. But dont worry youll get it!
    5160 days ago
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