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In need of some encouragement!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

So finally, yes finally, I started up with the gym, they have both Zumb and Spinning which I have done both and they are so much fun. Well lets say I would have enjoyed the spinning alot more if I brought a seat pad cause boy did my behind hurt after sitting on that nonpadded seat for an hour lol.

The difficult part is that I have been working out 5 times a week at the gym for the past 2 weeks and working out a little here and there prior to that BUT have yet to lose any weight whatsoever!! I am so frustrated and want to give up, I mean why bother not spending time with the hubby to go to the gym and not lose anything?!?!?! I hope things change around soon, I even changed my eating habits and still nothing. The only thing I can think of thats not helping is that I skip breakfast and may not be getting enough calories with all the calories I am burning. Ugh I really hope things turn around soon! Definitely could use some encouragement or advice!
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    I am SO GLAD you are back on Sparkpeople, I've missed you!!! You should join team Leaving 130-ville, I'm an admin there, there's a group of people that always post to the monthly challenges, come check it out!!

    And as for the weight, YOU CAN DO THIS! Just stick with it, and try measuring your portions. I know I need to do that again as well, for some reason whenever I plateau it always comes back to portion control for me.
    3290 days ago
    Figure out how to make exercise so you look forward to it. It has to be a habit. If you dread it or look for instant rewards, you'll be disappointed. It is worth it! chris emoticon

    What's the best exercise? The one you will do!

    Even better if exercise includes your family and/or friends.
    3294 days ago
    Hey there SBERG82,
    Don't give up! Unfortunately weight loss takes time. Make sure you're not starving yourself, and thus throwing your body into survival mode where it holds onto fat. You should probably log the calories for each food item you eat in a day, just to get a concrete idea of how many calories you are taking in, and also log your calories burned by exercise. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. If you are dehydrated, your body will try to hold onto what water it does have. But really, 2 weeks of steady exercise and eating right is not enough to see if your plan is working. It seems like you are doing the right things, but you need more time. I've heard conflicting things about eating breakfast. I'm a third year medical student, and some of the doctors I'm rotating with say you should always eat breakfast, especially if it is high protein and low carb, so that you have lasting energy for the day, you have plenty of time to burn off the calories, and you don't have the urge to gorge yourself later on. On the other hand, I've had some docs to say you shouldn't eat until your hungry, and if that comes at 11:00 am or noon, so be it. I've lost 70 lbs in a year and always eat breakfast whether I'm hungry or not. I don't think it really matters. It just comes down to how much you take in versus how much you expend. Good luck!!! emoticon
    3296 days ago

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    Exercise is never the wrong thing to do. It is always good for you if you are fit enough to do it. As you workout, think about the positive things you are doing for your body and your endurance. Flood your thoughts with and image of strength that will see you though on those long long days. Think about the many breaths and heartbeats you are adding to your life. You are laying a strong foundation for the weightloss that will come. You won't be just lighter, you'll be lean and cut.
    Don't stop!!!!
    3296 days ago
    Hang in there! It is tough when we don't see the feedback we want. As you already know there are so many factors that can influence the scale. I would just suggest that you log everything you eat along with your workouts and maybe there are some adjustments you can make from that info. I know for me, logging everything I eat is essential to me. In addition, sometimes I overestimate the calories I have burned. The most important thing, though, is don't give up. Good luck! emoticon
    3296 days ago
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