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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's very difficult for me to watch the news, or read stories in the news about our country's obesity epidemic. I hate that I'm one of them. I'm ashamed that I'm part of the problem.

But, at the same time, why isn't anyone helping? My problem IS NOT FOOD. I've told this to many doctors, including my current endo. My problem is not food. I do not overeat. I do not eat unhealthy. There's something else wrong, find it.

They just chuckle and say "try eating less and exercising more". *sigh*

Always an assumption that this is my fault. That I've eaten my way into this body. I've even brought pictures to show them, this is not how I've looked my entire life. Until the age of 38, I was slender. Then suddenly, I gain 70 pounds out of the blue? There has to be a reason.

So, finally someone tested more than my T4. And I was put on Synthroid. Still, I was told to "eat less/exercise more". And so, I did.

Now, I go in and I tell her "I've eaten less and exercised more and still I don't lose the weight". She chuckles, shakes her head and says "try eating less and exercising more".

The frustration that I feel takes over my life. My husband skips a meal and loses 3 pounds. He's lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months from going to the gym and working out. He feels bad when he tells me how much he's lost because he KNOWS how hard I'm working. He SEES what I eat.

So yes, I'm one of America's obese. And I'm ashamed. And I wish someone would tell me how to fix it.
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    NAHZEEJUNE - That's just awful that you can't find a doctor to help you!! And they're willing to prescribe you diet pills?? That just amazes me! I'm so sorry that you have to go through all of that. There are some things out there that can help with thyroid function through diet. So maybe try some of those? I hope you find someone to help you! *hugs*
    3315 days ago
    My doctor wants to put me on diet pills so that I will loose weight. According to the doctor the reason that I am overweight is because I can't control my eating. However, I feel that the real reason is that 19+ years ago I had to have my thyroid removed and have not been able to get my synthroid refilled for the last 12 years is the reason that I gained over 160 pounds.

    Twenty years ago I was pregnant with my last child and 13 days overdue. I was walking and tripped on something as I crossed the street. Fell face down on a high curb hitting my stomach on I don't know what. Knocked the air out of me and left me confused. As I got up, checking myself from head to toe trying to figure out if I was okay. I then became frightened that maybe I had hurt the baby during the fall. When I get nervous I usually put my hand on my neck. When I did I had a very large knot on the front of my neck. Called the doctor, told him what had happened and he said don't worry can't do anything until the baby's born, so I waited. My son was born 2 days later.About a week after that I saw an endocrinologist and was bombarded with exams and tests to see what the problem could possible be. Doctors were puzzled at how and why my thyroid had swollen to such a large size but said that sometimes things like that happen and can't be explained. Only thing that they knew for sure was that my thyroid was not producing enough of the hormone that it needed and that had caused the swelling.The "why" was unknown. Over the next 6 months the doctor tested and tried several strengths of synthroid until they felt comfortable with the dosage.For 6 months things looked promising, my thyroid began to shrink and the knot was almost gone. I went in for monthly tests during this time so that the doctor could keep everything in check.Just as the doctor was satisfied with my test results and was getting ready to release me my thyroid gland grew so fast in just a few days that it got where I could barely eat or swallow. In less than 2 weeks I had to have surgery to have it removed. Doctor said that they didn't know the cause for such radical growth but cancer could possibly be the cause. The gland was removed, tested for cancer and found to be cancer free. The doctor told me that she left some little nodules because they would produce some hormone but not enough. She said that I would have to take thyroid medicine the rest of my life,no way around it.

    In the last 12 years, not having insurance, I have gone to several different doctors, had the necessary lab work done and told that I can't have my synthroid because the tests show that I don't need the prescription since my body produces the thyroid hormone. The tests show that the level produced is low and I've gained 160+ pounds since I have not been able to get my medication. My original doctor said that I would have low levels of the thyroid hormone but it would not be enough therefore I would have to take synthroid the rest of my life. She also said that if I didn't take my meds that it would overwork the nodules that she left and the nodules would eventually quit working and that would be bad for me. Also since I am w/o my meds. I stay extremely tired. I have exhausted my resources and any hope of getting or feeling better. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS O.K. TO TAKE A PRESCRIPTION FOR DIET PILLS BUT IT'S NOT O.K. TO REFILL MY PRESCRIPTION FOR SYNTHROID! IF I DON'T HAVE A THYROID GLAND DOESN'T THAT SAY SOMETHING. MY THYROXINE LEVELS SO LOW THAT IT BARELY REGISTERS! WHAT GIVES?????

    I know how frustrated that you must be and I'm sorry for such a long comment. I just want to scream when I hear about others who can't seem to get the help with their thyroid. I hope that you can get help in the near future. Best wishes.
    3316 days ago
    I guess I just don't understand the mentality. If they see this every day; patient after patient doing what they're told and still not losing weight; wouldn't they try to educate themselves more to try to fix it? Or do they really believe that we're ALL lying?

    If they have ONE patient that starts dropping pounds from Synthroid, they then believe that we ALL can? It makes no sense to me.

    I'm sorry that so many people are having these problems. With all the talk of the obese in this country, you'd think someone would help us figure this out.
    3318 days ago
    Can I just say "Amen!" to your blog? I gained 25 pounds in a year and my doc noticed my Thyroid was low. But, he still gave me the "eat less and exercise more" crap. I just politely nodded. Now, I THINK I can lose weight with a LOT of work, but not everyone can. And, with this low thyroid business, I am certainly not guaranteed. This is new for me. Ugh…good luck. But, I think I am going to try and focus on feeling good and living life…if I have to buy new jeans, so be it! emoticon emoticon
    3319 days ago
    Thank you so much, Pooh Bear! It really does help to have support! :o)

    3323 days ago
  • POOH_BEAR_69
    It sounds like others have already said what I was thinking... Even if the numbers on the scale aren't changing (I'm in the same boat right now)... You can increase your fitness and choose foods that are healthy and nourish your body. I think you're doing a great job. It sounds like you are making lots of positive decisions... I say until the doctors can help determine what is going on... Keep up the dedication you already have and stay motivated... If all else fails, blog about it again so you can continue to get support from the great Spark network! emoticon
    3324 days ago
    Thank you both for the kind words of encouragement!

    Trying to be healthy is the only thing that gets me through because if I based my happiness just on weight loss, I'd be in a hell of a mess. LOL
    3324 days ago
    Jackie's advice to be healthy is an excellent one. I have struggled with thyroid problems for many years now and it is a constant battle. There are some excellent articles on here about thyroid issues. I am determined to be the most healthy person that I can be, even if I am not slim anymore. Also don't let up on the doctors. I know they can be frustrating. You know how you feel and have to let them know. emoticon Be healthy!
    3324 days ago
    Maybe you're not eating enough. You've been a Sparkie for long enough that you've probably read articles claiming that you can actually sabotage weight loss by eating too little. I've always had a hard time trusting that but I think it may well be true. I have recently come back to Spark after about a year long absence. There have been weeks in which I have been very strict with myself and kept my calorie count on the low end of my range only to find that I lose no weight. Then I've had other weeks in which I dread getting on the scale because I've eaten more than I think I should have and find that I've lost 2-3 pounds! Have you tried eating at the high end of your range?
    I know how I feel when the scale doesn't budge even when I do everything right, so I feel your pain. I can't imagine the frustration you must feel when even the doctors don't listen. Print out your SP food and exercise trackers and take them with you next time you go. Sometimes doctors can be quite obtuse. I'm a nurse, believe me, I know!
    Hang in there and be healthy. And btw - happy belated anniversary!
    3324 days ago
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