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It's "Go time!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I can't believe the wedding is almost here! Two weeks from yesterday is the big day. We are getting married on the beach so we leave to head down there on May 24 - just a little over a week away! I will be off work for 10 days. Hallelujah.

Since my time on Spark, I've been doing good staying on track with food and exercise (with some slip-ups for sure!). More importantly, mentally I've managed to stay focused on how far I've come, and not how far I have to go. The "old me" would be discouraged that I did not get all the way to my goal (135 pounds) in time for the wedding. The new me recognizes that goal was unrealistic in such a short time, and the only way to have lost so much before the wedding would have been unhealthy and I would have gained it right back. Inside, I'm growing (and outside I'm shrinking - ha). My thought processes are SO much healthier now than they have been in the past. I really credit sparkpeople and my spark friends for keeping me realistic and focused. Everyone here is such an inspiration. Friends, we are doing this the RIGHT way.

With just 8 days to go before we leave, my fiance and I decided to try a new eating plan that a fitness model friend of his follows right before her competitions. It's "go time" and we are trying to be extra focused to be in the best shape possible before we hit the beach. My fiance doesn't really have any weight to lose but he wants to do more toning. I have about 22 more pounds to lose to get to my goal, but only 2 more pounds until I hit the healthy BMI range, which is my pre-wedding goal.

Really, the fitness model's plan is not that different from what we are already doing, except that she breaks her meals down more so that she eats more times per day. So instead of breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner (which is what I'm currently doing, with the "snack" usually being a piece of fruit), we are going to eat six small meals a day. Still no processed foods. Carbs in the morning or for lunch only - no carbs (or few carbs) at dinner. I am still going to be eating in my calorie range but my 3 meals will be split into six smaller meals. Today is day one and on the menu is (1) coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, (2) trail mix for morning snack, (3) 3 oz chicken with brown rice and an apple for lunch, (4) 2.5 oz chicken and an orange for afternoon snack, (5) chicken and asparagus for dinner and (6) a small protein shake after we work out tonight. That's a lot of chicken. And, of course, water water water.

I'm anxious to see how it goes! I've heard for years that doing several small meals (every 2-3 hours) is healthy, but I've never tried it. It seemed like more work and planning than I wanted to do. But, I've gotten much better at planning ahead for meals through Sparkpeople that I feel like I can handle this. Here goes....!

On a bright note, this past week it seems like the weight is really shedding off and so this morning I tried on my two favorite skirts that I wore two summers ago, but couldn't wear last summer because I was too heavy. They are both size 4 (but from Banana Republic, who I think "vanity sizes" - they are really bigger than a 4). They FIT!!!!!! I'm officially back into ALL my clothes except one suit skirt that is still a tad too snug (but zips up!). I've got my wardrobe back just in time for summer and our beach trip. SO HAPPY!

And the best part is, I truly feel in my heart that I've accomplished a lifestyle change and not just met a "goal" (wedding) after which I'll resume bad habits. I've finally changed my outlook and lost it the healthy way (1-2 pounds per week). This is big for me - I have starved myself down to size 4 then yo-yo'ed back up so many times in the past. NO MORE!
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    You've come so far and done such an incredible job!

    I eat pretty much like that. I don't think it's particularly harder once you figure out what snacks you're going to have available. If you portion them to each offer about the same nutritional punch, they become interchangeable. (Which is cool because you can be spontaneous about choosing which snack while still on a plan.) The meals are a little smaller to allow for the snacking.

    It does get closer to the idea of only eating when you're hungry instead of on a schedule - while also preventing us from ever hitting that "so hungry I could eat a horse" feeling.
    3356 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4984716
    this is awesome!!!! congratulations!!!! :D
    3357 days ago
    You are doing FANTASTIC! Keep it up! I spread out my calories into breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and then dinner and it took a while to get used to it but I'm there now and I like it. Good luck!
    3357 days ago
    I love your post so much because you've achieved something better than just weight loss. You learned how to be healthy. Kudos to you! And congrats on the upcoming wedding! You don't sound stressed out at all, I'm impressed!

    Personally for me I eat several times throughout the day. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner but they're usually small meals and then I snack throughout the day (an apple, carrot sticks, yogurt, etc). I usually eat 3 set snacks a day (but sometimes more). I find that snacking throughout the day keeps me filling fuller longer. It sounds like whatever you're doing is already working but it can't hurt to try this out right? It does tend to be more work but if you keep fresh fruit around, it won't be that hard.
    3357 days ago
    emoticon I have always wrestled with the option of more meals, smaller portions. I will be curious to see how it works for you.
    3357 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12234764
    wow, congratulations! Getting married in less than 2 weeks? that's so exciting! Have a wonderful trip and I wish you good luck for your future! emoticon
    3357 days ago
  • no profile photo BONDMANUS2002
    good for you!!!!!!
    3357 days ago
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