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I Hate Running

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First off I loathe running. The huffing and the puffing for air. The pain in my knees and/or shins. The fear that I will trip and fall flat on my face on the treadmill.

I have tried and failed to complete the C25K workout about 3 times. I get all gung ho about it and then into week 2 I flake out. I love my usual group classes at the gym. Zumba? Kickboxing? Anyone anyone? Sign me up!!!Woot woot!!

So how did I find myself here training for the Army 10-Miler? Not sure. It was mentioned at the office Christmas party (I blame the booze). Then when sign up time came around you could hear crickets chirping. All the people who originally wanted to do it flaked out. My name was brought up- still not sure why.

I was asked to join in one of the running groups. I declined politely and lamely said "If you need to fill a spot I'll do it but try to get an actual runner in there". Doi!!! This was mistake #1. Apparently we are running low on runners in my office. So here I am. Signed up on team Bravo.

The race is in October and I have put 2 weeks worth of training into this.

10-Miler Prep- the Hal Higdon way:

1) Get new shoes. Apparently a runner needs proper shoes. I went and got fitted for running shoes. Actually I have to say I do notice a difference in how I run.(when I say I run please note I am so slow Spark labels my running as walking). My feet don't hurt!!

2) Stretching- learned this the hard way! I was so stiff and sore the first round- thank goodness for Coach Nicole and her stretching video.

3) Cover the distance- I have learned not to push my speed right now, my main goal is to get my miles in.

I wanted to track this "journey" to the runner's world. It would be funny if I ended up loving to run. As of this week 1 mile has become a breeze (up to 3 miles right now)! I still huff and puff and feel like I am going to slam face first on the treadmill. I take my "runs" outside on Saturdays.

I'll come and post updates as the weeks progress.

P.S. Week 2: Still HATE running.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD5696353
    I love this blog. You should earn miles run 4 ur honesty, sense of humor and persistence! You certainly have sucked it up gracefully, Buttercup! XO emoticon
    3181 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3625825
    Running isn't for me either. I would rather swim or walk than run.
    3181 days ago
    Yikes!!! I'd be terrified - 10 miles!!! You are a rock star! I managed to complete the C25K, and a 5K, but I've totally suspended any attempts to run for the summer. It's soooooooo hot, and even the mornings are muggy and gross! And clearly, I don't like running enough to make it "worth it"! Walking and elliptical for the summer - woot!
    3236 days ago
    emoticon Running? forget it for me. But get me in the pool and I love it! I can't get enough of exercising in the pool! Chris
    3247 days ago
  • TEKRU1
    Wow! You started this out sounding JUST like me - I HATE running! The whole out of breath thing - ugh! But look at you now. Looking forward to see how you do with this - I'm betting that you totally ROCK!
    3256 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1853891
    I love that you are sticking to this, even though you hate running! Make sure your shoes are 1/2 to 1 size large than usual. I learned this the hard way when my toes hurt because they were banging up against the front of my running shoes - OUCH! Definitey stretch! Read all you can and follow advice from experts about what your body needs to run.

    You mentioned "The huffing and the puffing for air. The pain in my knees and/or shins. The fear that I will trip and fall flat on my face on the treadmill." That's what I actually love about it. Pushing my body to the limits and learning that I can do so much more than I ever thought I could! Pushing to see what else it can do. Plus, it burns 2x the amount of calories that walking does in the same amount of time. Running and Jillian Michaels is what I credit to my weight loss and sticking to my weight maintenance goal (now going on my 4th week).

    I hope you learn to love running as much as Amanda and I do. But even if you don't, I"m proud of you for sticking to the 10 Miler plan!! What a race it's going to be, but I know emoticon
    3257 days ago
    I admire you so much geting out of your comfort zone and now sticking this run out. Until I could run3 miles, I also hated runninng and now would give anything torun again. Its gonna be tough be you can do it. Trymaking.some real kick butt play lists. It re lly does help. You might always hate running, but you will always be proud of.the accomplishment odf each minute you spenand each block you run towards this goal. Best wishes.
    3257 days ago
  • PLYNSN316
    You crack me up! I hate running too!! But I managed to sign up (and complete!) a full marathon, 2 half marathons, and multiple 5Ks (can't remember how many).

    Don't focus on the speed - focus on the miles/time out there. Since you have until october - you are good on time and training. If it helps, try the Galloway Method (walk/run combos). Makes it easier to get into the running, and then you can ease your way into running the whole time (if you so desire). Best of luck!
    3257 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1035627
    You are doing amazing! I'm so proud and glad you are giving it a try. Sometimes people find they actually do like it, and sometimes they find they need to move on - but for gosh sakes, give it a shot! Great work, Tania!
    3257 days ago
    I think you are doing awesome girl. And who knows you might just be the fastest on in the office! Either way, finish it and you can be proud no matter what the time is! Keep at it you can do it!
    3257 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I hated running so much that I chose track for gym in HS - because the teachers never checked on us & all we did was sit on the track & talk.

    Now I run HMs, but it was a long journey to get there! I am NOT a natural & I am very slow. But I finish.

    It's ok to hate running. But I hope you at least learn to enjoy the way it makes you feel if you're going to run 10 miles because that's a long way!
    3257 days ago
    You make me smile reading this blog.

    I know you can do it. emoticon emoticon

    You get a double emoticon for trying even though you hate running.
    3258 days ago
    I have tried many times to be a runner but I just couldn't get there. I get frustrated because I cannot run fast and it takes time to build endurance. I kept trying because that's where I've gotten the best results to get in shape - running. I ride my bike, do Pilates, take classes, strength train...but nothing does as well for my body as running when it comes to slimming down.

    the last time I was running on a regular basis was in 1999. My running partner changed jobs, we lost touch, and I quit running. My fastest 5k time then was 35:17

    about 3 years ago I took a Boot Camp class. The first class was our PT test. I couldn't run one lap around the track (3 laps = 1 mile). A lady in the class started running with me every time we ran. We would also meet once or twice a week to run on our own. I told her I'd never been able to run a 10 minute mile. She didn't say anything, but one morning I could tell she was really pushing me. When I looked at my watch at the end of our first mile...9:58!!!

    turns out she was on the Jamaican olympic track team in 1964 and 1968. She's a sprinter so she's helped me work on speed. I work on endurance on my own. My goal this year is to break 30 minutes for a 5k, and for the first time I know that I can (current PR is 30:51).

    I'll never be a fast runner, but now I do place and occasionally win in my age group. I have 3 trophies on my desk from THIS year!

    go get that 10 miles and KICK IT'S BUTT!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3258 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/13/2012 7:41:40 PM
    I love YOU, Tania!!! I fear that I will have a similar feeling towards running, but I'm planning to give it a try. Guess I should go and buy some shoes!
    3258 days ago
    emoticon You hate running and your running a 10 miler!! You are emoticon I know I know, roll you eyes and emoticon but you got this, you REALLLY got this!! I love running as you know so I want to see you run like the wind! But first - yes shoes AND SOCKS are so important! Make sure you have good running gear, ie: tops and bottoms! Nothing like trying to train in clothes that are too baggy that you have to adjust all the time! OMG - I am so excited for you! I just wanna jump through the screen, grab you and shake you and hug you!! emoticon I can't wait to hear all about your progress up to race day and then see the BIG OLE emoticon on your face - you will feel more accomplished than ever before!!!!!! emoticon
    3258 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2219650
    I Hate Running Too ! Kickboxing is my Favorite exercise in the whole world, but i decided I needed a new goal and started training for a 5k. I hated the training but Loved the actual 5k event. Now, I'm hooked and going for my 4th 5K in 6 months! Be careful, cuz even when you hate it - running is addictive !
    3258 days ago

    I emoticon at this only because I know you and I am just like you. I also still hate running, I also have done the C2k5 over and over only to fall flat, and I also love Zumba,Kickboxing, riding bike, hiking, but NEVER running.

    Who knows Tania you may come out of the end of this loving to run, maybe that is why you were thrown into it.Keep us posted.

    3258 days ago
  • KATELOSS2009
    I hate running, too, but I keep telling myself that in order to be effective, I can't stay in my box, no matter how much I like it there...

    and I LOVE your wall, btw. talk about motivational... I might stop by your page occasionally, just for the wallpaper pep talk you have going on...

    3258 days ago
    I can't wait to fast forward to October to see if you post one of those 'i always hated runnong but turns out im a natural' blogs haha! Or if you're like me who every year tries to run to train for the 5k chairty race and hate it each and every time more and more hahaha! good luck xxx
    3258 days ago
    Damn booze - the root of many problems! LOL.

    Just think, if you persevere, complete the race, then say you hate running - you will always know you did it! no looking back and no second guessing yourself.

    If you complete the race, and love the moment of victory - you life will be forever different!

    Either way - it could be worth it.... what have you got to lose?

    I hate running too - but wish I didn't!
    3258 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4269557
    I hate running too! That is why I cycle. In my world it's much more fun, social and I love the fact I can enjoy the decent of a downhill and catch my breath. I had to climb up it I realize but the downhill is worth it! Running is not the 'be all/end all' cardio.
    3258 days ago
    I hated running. For years and years. So I didn't. At age 60 I started running one day. I'm now training for my third marathon. You just never know.

    More often than not I still don't enjoy it. But I train once a week with a group, and I enjoy the camaraderie. And there's nothing better than finishing a race that you once thought you'd never be able to run.
    3258 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/13/2012 2:05:41 PM
  • SABRINA1024
    =) i love this!
    ok, i love running, but i cant think about it....at all. the pain, the knives in my chest, sweat in my eyes, i can think about all that. i put my earbuds in and get lost in the music. and yes, shoes make ALL the difference!!
    you got this!!
    3258 days ago
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