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Boy was I bad.... besides the doctors telling me "do or die"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

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After losing 25 lbs, I have no idea what I did wrong other then having a chocolate sundae emoticon

My husband decided to award me and take me to see the avengers and take me to outback steak house....

so I splurged a little and got desert, had some of his bloomin onion, and got a 10 oz steak emoticon

I didn't think it would be an issue because I only ate breakfast and a snack that morning... but today I stood on the scale and.....

7 lbs gained emoticon



So I said "okay best out of 3 emoticon "

WRONG! all 3 was the same freaking weight! 267.8 emoticon I wanted to die!

Well I have this friend that doesn't each as much as me... she hardly even pulls 1200 calories a day on most days and in 2 months she has lost 40 lbs.... the same friend that told me more then 2 lbs a week isn't healthy and could end badly for me...

The same friend that was suppose to be my weight loss buddy but lately she hasn't been even contacting me and I feel so alone in my weight loss journey and trying to save my life.

I am more then 100 lbs overweight and I am class 3: morbidity obese.... When I hit 12 years old I started packing on the weight... I was the fat girl in high school, The girl that no one wanted but loved me for who I am but I wasn't good enough to date...

I never went to formal dances.... when I was 18 within 2 months I dropped out of school and started working AND got in a back head on collision in my moms 1992 ford tempo, I was going down a hill and didn't see there was a dip in the road and here popped out a buick roadmaster... We collided together... after trying to pass a school bus...

I thought I was dreaming but when I woke up I was in a hospital room with my leg up in the air and blood all over my face... I had broke my nose, cracked my sternome, crushed my ankle, broke my hip, and broke my pride...

Over the next 2 years I was in and out of hospitals because of the U of M hospital giving me 3 staff infections not bathing me for 7 days... The only reason they did was because my mom was trying to bath me out of a water tote.

after being on home IVs for what seemed to be forever and 11 operations to clean the infections out - I was told I will have the infections for the rest of my life but they are under control..

The insurance company transferred me to another doctor in st joseph mercy where I was given a total hip replacement..

There I was... 20 years old. in and out of a wheel chair with having a hip replacement at a young age.... Doctors telling my mother and father that I was lucky to be alive that I must have an angel looking over my head up above..

I died twice in that car accident and I gave up on myself at 200 lbs... I was introduced to the internet at 19.. I didn't have anything else to do beside sitting in my wheel chair while everyone else enjoyed our pool.

I met some nice ppl over the internet but then I found a few friends that weren't friends at all... I got a job when I was 19 for a few months and met some nice ppl but they got me in the drug seen REALLY BAD

In and out of relationships that started online and gaining over 85 lbs living with an ex that was over 300 lbs and southern fried foods...

I came back to Michigan for a visit and met a friends brother, I was smoking at the time and he grabbed my smokes and was on his knees and begged me for a smoke lol... it was so adorable and oh my word his bright blue eyes I just got lost them! I found very attractive but I was with someone.. and he was 200 lbs lighter then my current boyfriend and knew I had no chance! Well the next year... I moved back to Michigan, my boyfriend gave me the whole speech about him being confused and needed time away from me, so I more or less told him to screw off that I am moving back home... his mom and dad helped me move back.... that thanksgiving... I took that friend to her thanksgiving family dinner and her big mouth got the best of her and she told her brother without me knowing that I liked him. So he approached me and asked me if it was true and I admitted it was and I was going to kill his sister LOL!

that evening I let him drive my car and his sister ended up forgetting her purse at their aunts house.. In the deciding of who takes her back to get the purse... his brother's son got his hand slammed in a car door, and my friend's brother stuck his head in my window and I said "what do you want?" and he said "you know what I want" and he kissed me... emoticon

I spent a week with him and in that time we hit it off and I went back downstate and I lasted 2 days, when I got my SSI check, I went back up north to be with him and we got married the next month and we have been together for 10 years this December and couldn't be happier...

But I have broke promises to him and I have lied to him about where money was spent because his sister was coning me into buying drugs for her...

We had a rocky first couple of years of marriage and it almost ended a few times but through thick and thin we have stuck together and worked through our differences.

Now he has been a huge supportive and motivational system for me.

Just this past year I quit smoking, but goofed on may 19th at his uncles memorial and had a half smoke and it was so nasty I couldn't finish it.

I was also getting the pneumonia every winter just about and this past winter I had it so bad I was told I was on my way to my death bed if I didn't stop living the way I am living... I got the scare of my life when the doctors told me I might possibly have COPD.. I was relieved to find out I don't have it but in another conversation I was scared to find out that my lungs don't open up all the way do to all the fat on my chest cavity...

I have fat around my heart as well and all these wake up calls were my ROCK BOTTOM...

After gaining 7 lbs this past week.. It has devastated me! BUT! I am not giving in or giving up. I am going to work even harder and when I go out to eat it will not! and I MEAN WILL NOT! be unhealthy and it will be portioned!

I am fully dedicated to inspire my father to do what I am doing and I am wanting to not have to wear PLUS SIZES ever again!

I want to be 200 lbs by december and I am either going to do it or DIE!

emoticon emoticon

Thanks for reading!!!! It is hard to tell my story and why I got the way I did... and I am hoping to inspire and motivate others like me or in similar situations...


~ Lisa L. Dombrowski (Romatz) ~

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD8506762
    keep your chin up and keep moving forward...everyone has their good and bad days
    3317 days ago

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3325 days ago
    emoticon Just keep up the hard work. You are an inspiration. Best of luck on your journey.

    3326 days ago
    Good for you! Just like a baby learning to walk, we make mistakes on this journey to better health and we fall, so we get back up and try again, and again, and again!
    Don't give up, each time you fall you will gain a little more understanding of what you did wrong and then don't do it again! One day you will be walking without falling and then one day you will be running!!
    Together we can do this!! :)

    P.S. Good news, probably much of that 7 lb gain was water retention from the salt and MSG they put on the steak. Drink lots of water and it will flush out of your body and so will the extra water and your weight will fall again!! :)
    3327 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12229602
    You absolutely can do this!! Take it one step at a time, we all fall down! Just keep picking yourself back up and moving forward!! You have had quite the journey so far and I pray that you have a glorious journey ahead of you!
    3327 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11135300
    wow honey. you have an amazing journey that you have gone through. amazing but hard. i'm so glad you are determined to do this. if you need to chat, vent or just talk about your day, email me. it sucks to be alone without a buddy thats going through it. i have less to lose than you but i'm here if you want.
    3327 days ago

    Keep up the hard work. You will have you good days and your bad days. Just know you can always vent on here and then move on.

    emoticon emoticon
    3327 days ago
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