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What did you say about YOU today?

Monday, June 25, 2012

So I decided to call Monday Make It Happen Day! I also have decided that I am no longer going to dread Monday. On this journey I have to make changes and look at things differently so time to make things happen!

What words did you use today about yourself? Were they words like loser (in a bad sense), or failure, out of control, lazy, never going to make it, can't do anything right, can't lose weight, ugly, fat, or some other negative words? Yep, I have been there before. Time to make a change! As we are making a change to a healthy lifestyle we need to include a healthy vocabulary!

Let's start with WINNER! We are winning with every positive step we take. How about BEAUTIFUL because God doesn't make ugly! I have to say STRONG because of a strong desire to succeed and okay we must be strong to handle everything we need to do each day. SUCCESS because we are seeing success with each healthy meal we eat, every workout we complete, and every good choice we make for our health. Let's move on to POWERFUL as we workout and push through to the end. We are LOVELY ladies! We are ENCOURAGERS to our Spark friends. We CAN do it and WILL do it! If you are going to use the word CAN'T then you must put the word STOP after it! If you are going to use the word NEVER it must be followed by GIVE UP!

Throw away that old negative book of words and start a fresh new positive vocabulary! Write them down! Post them where you can see them often. What other positive words and phrases can you come up with? Use them as daily affirmations to change your mindset. Renew your mind with positive words. Spend time with positive people. Listen to positive and uplifting music.

If you come up with some good ideas for more positive words or phrases let me know!
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