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Saturday, July 07, 2012

So I have been painting the town red! LOL Not really but I have been getting out of the house more and I am SO excited about that.

On the 4th, I went to the town festivities. I walked down to the park and wandered around for a couple hours, looking at the booths and listening to the great music. I had a great time with my daughter and granddaughter. Later in the evening, I went to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in several years. She had a baby a month ago so I was excited to see her and her precious little boy. It was a great visit and we watched her husband light the fireworks. Marlie sure liked them.

On Thursday, I dropped my daughter at the train station early in the morning so she could go visit a friend in Seattle. Marlie stayed home with grandma!!! Yippee. We have had a great time. My husband decided that we should go to the lake for a swim since it was so hot. So my husband, my son, Marlie and I packed up and went
to the park at the lake. Marlie and my husband got in the water. She sure loves the water. My son and I sat in the shade. He listened to music and I read The Spark. Ok, I know you are probably thinking that I missed out on some fitness minutes by not swimming. Well I can't be in the sun for long periods of time so
swimming wasn't an option for me. I get really sick and break out badly if I am in the sun too long. Not pretty at all. I had an opportunity to get motivated by reading The Spark! I got some walking in at the park so I didn't miss too much.

Friday, well I ran my son to town to pick up his paycheck. He wanted to cook some meat in his smoker so we went to the store for some food for a cookout. I love it when the men want to cook out because that means I don't have to cook! lol

Saturday, we are driving over to Seattle to pick up my daughter. After we pick her up, we are going to the zoo or the aquarium so Marlie can see the animals. We will also hit Pike Place Market! I love that place. I really like watching the guys that throw the fish and catch it! I don't like fish at all but it is fun to watch. There will be lots of walking so I am looking forward to being outside and walking around.

I haven't looked forward to an outing for a long time. I will say it again, SP has helped me more than just with losing weight. I am breaking through the depression black cloud and living my life! What an answer to prayer!!!

If you are depressed, get involved in some teams on SP. Participate in a challenge and soon you will be reaching out to talk to others and support them and you will find that you feel better. I am speaking from experience. At first I was quiet and just read posts and blogs. After a while I started to send goodies and comment on pages and blogs. The more I commented and focused on supporting other people, the less I focused on my fears and the depression. I started feeling good about me and began getting more involved in the teams. I feel a part of a community instead of feeling alone in my own little world. I found that the more I reach out to others, the more other people reach out to me. It just got easier and easier to open up. I
began blogging more and opening up about myself. It has been very therapeutic.

We can all do it!! I know we can! I am seeing it happen!! If I can have all this success in just 2 months, any one can!!!

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