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I Tri'd it and survived!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Kerrville Multi Sport Club put on a "Mock" Triathlon today and I had a great opportunity to go and do it and I learned so much!

Got there at 7AM and they had an information session for the first hour. They talked about technique on all three events. Discussed transition areas and what the rules are etc. Things to bring and think about for the real Triathlon.

Then it all started... I did the open water swim which turned out to be 550M in about 15 minutes. Had a little trouble relaxing and getting my breathing straight. The swim itself was not difficult I just need to relax and breathe properly.

Out of the water and on to the bike.

I had to do the spin bike inside but still got my 15 miles in. I realize it's not the same as the regular bike, however I felt it was the best option while still getting comfortable on the bike and recovering from my fall last Sunday. So I hit the spin bike and got a good 15 miles in. Felt good.

I wasn't really planning on doing the run as I hurt my knee pretty good in the fall. It's still swollen but I felt good and got caught up in the moment and wanted to push myself to do it all!

So off on the run I went. Felt good at first but ended up walking a lot of it. Was pretty hot out and that really affected me. I am just not in shape enough to be doing all that so it was no surprise that it was a struggle.

The "experts" that were there to help us were amazing! One of them was really encouraging to me during the run portion and that was invaluable!

So all in all I completed a Triathlon just need to get that bike portion outdoors.

The important thing is that I know I can do it and now I have a much better feel for how it will be. I have 12 weeks to train and make myself better! I need to bottle some determiniation!
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