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LIMES BLC Week 5 Progress Report

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am not where I wanted to be at this point in the challenge. The weight is still creeping on and I am frustrated. I have not been tracking my nutrition as I should but if anything I have been within or under my range more often than not. I have been getting my walks in at lunch most days but am struggling to find the time to get to the gym in the evenings. My oldes son's car broke down and I am now driving him back and forth to work which is taking nearly 2 extra hours a day from my time. I work a full time job and by the time I get home after driving 25 miles out of my each way it is late when I get home and then dinner is late and then I'm just beat. I have half a mind to go back to the doctor and insist she run some tests to see WTF is going in with me. In week 3 I was down a whopping 2/10 of a pound and then the next week I was right back up there. I attributed that to TOM but I have gained this week too. I won't give up but I do sometimes wonder what the point is in working so hard anymore. I will find a way to get beyond this with the support of my LIME sisters. You guys rock!!!
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    The doctor really should run some tests, if nothing else to make YOU feel better, ya know? I understand your frustration though... Just keep on keeping on as best you can and insist on what is RIGHT for you, ok?

    3297 days ago
  • AMY-MIMI77
    Oh, Kim - I hope you do get answers soon. But you are doing fabulously. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Any little bit you do is better than any little bit you don't do.

    Live with intention.
    Walk to the edge.
    Listen hard.
    Practice wellness.
    Play with abandon.
    Choose with no regret.
    Appreciate your friends.
    Continue to learn.
    Do what you love.
    Live as if this is all there is.

    Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.

    3298 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Stress has a tendency to wreak with us. (and this heat just adds to that stress) You have done well and will continue to do well. Stick with what you know works for you and remember to breathe. Things will fall beck into place for you.
    3298 days ago
    KIM- YOU ARE WORTH IT!! YOU are worth eating healthy and taking care of yourself!!
    You can do this, YOU CAN!!! Its like LUCY said though you really need to make some changes when you aren't seeing the results you want. Everyone's life is hectic and busy I know this very, very well if not maybe better than anyone...I don't share it but I seriously have 4 contracted jobs I'm obligated to year round...It was a huge step for me to take this 10 week break from everything and try to focus on me and stand still. I happen to be one of those people who has a serious problem with saying no to those around me I care about.This has helped me in the past..I start the spark stages over...and really get back to basics..maybe this may help you get things back on track and make the adjustments you need to jumpstart your spark again! emoticon emoticon
    3298 days ago
    I should not really weigh myself because the scale does not mirror my efforts... this month it has been "good", I have lost, but if I compare to the nutrition and exercise I have done, it does not follow. I have found stress to be a big complicator - when I are under pressure my kilos cling to me no matter how healthy I eat or how much I exercise... not entirely true, in the long run less calories in than out has to give effect but during short times, it has no logic.... I try to establish good habits and make good choices and ignore the scale...but as I am a compulsive vereater I canĀ“t, I obsess with the numbers. So I live in two paralel universes - one where I exercise and eat healthily, one where I wake at night and go up to weigh to check what is happening... bizarre!
    3298 days ago
  • LUCYLIN101
    Kim, I share in your anxiety on no progress. I was like this for months and then I made some changes. Everyone is different so what worked for me might not work for the next person but when you find what is working, it is blissfully welcomed.
    I am sure that you will get past this since you have a genuine desire to move on. I will be cheering you on the side lines, Lime sister!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3298 days ago
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