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I am resisting Kraft Mac and Cheese right now. It is HARD.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My husband is going to a baseball game with a friend.

To ease the pain for my children, we are having a "picnic dinner." It's Kraft Mac and Cheese and a movie. The kids love it. We close the drapes to make the living room into a movie theater. The kids even got "dressed" for the movie. My three year old daughter is currently wearing jeans, a dress AND a sweater. It's 85 degrees out. She won't let a little thing like the temperature mess with her fashion.

Mac and Cheese. It looks so...delicious. Oh, so delicious.

In an attempt to not eat it, I warmed up some leftover fish, a couple red potatoes and green beans. Meh. Not really many calories either. So I went foraging in the garden and came out with cherry tomatoes and basil. Add feta, and PRESTO! Deliciousness.

The stinking kids are STILL eating the gooey goodness over there....gah.

So I'm on spark people attempting to focus and watching a fat Mr. Incredible not fit in the super-tube shooter thing. This is encouraging. I do not want to be fat Mr. Incredible. This shall help me focus. Mac and Cheese leads to less healthy Nikki. Especially since it is my kryptonite, and I can't just have a little taste. One taste leads to me making myself an entire box.

I will block the children with my computer, look at spark people and NOT eat. I am full. I am full. I AM FULL!!! Is there a Mac and Cheese Addicts support group on here??

Like I said in my last post, onward.

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    ROFL Ninja and Westie are cracking me up.

    My brother made some when we were at his house this week. I had two bites. I wanted to pass out. Why is that so good??? Ugh.

    Kudos to you, my friend, kudos! You are making great decisions, and I'm loving you hard for it!! xoxo
    3271 days ago
    Way to go !!!! It's so hard to resist the cheesy goodness!!
    3273 days ago
    I grew up on homemade, Southern, gooey, crispy mac & cheese so Kraft doesn't do it for me. However, the real thing is breakfast, lunch and dinner when it's at my house - which is why I never make it anymore except for kid #2's birthday.

    I'm proud of you for staying strong. (You did, right? all the way until the end of the movie? until it was all out of your house? Elastagirl, right?) And how totally awesome that you could go to your garden for a yummy treat! I'm so jealous. I killed my tomato plant within two weeks of getting it home. You've definitely earned your super hero stripes - but avoid the cape.
    3273 days ago
  • SJOHNS30
    Way to stay strong!! Looking good is so much more rewarding than 10 seconds of mac and cheese
    3274 days ago
    OMG. the cheez. It is trying to take over.

    You are the super thin, super awesome Elastagirl. You are skinny and strong. And YOU NEVER eat the crap that would make your belly pooch out.

    WHen the kids are done with their CHeez 'o' Death, ask them "ARE YOU DONE? CAUSE I"M TOSSING IT OUT!" then sprinkle it with CINNAMON.

    You will NOT want it.

    I knopw this because one time a friend made me mac and cheez at her house, and I thought I was sprinkling on pepper. Little did I know that she had filled the pepper shaker with cinnamon sugar. THAT? Something I will not get over soon.

    Just imagine it covered in cinnamon sugar.
    3274 days ago
    OmG! Kraft Mac & Cheese is my weakness. Before starting my new healthy lifestyle, I could eat a whole box by myself. Granted I felt sick afterwards.
    3274 days ago

    I'm not sure what a Kraft Mac and Cheese is but pretty much anything with cheese would tempt me I'm sure. Resistance is NOT futile. We shall overcome!

    3274 days ago
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