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I wanted them but I said no to them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yesterday, I had to go to the emergency room. I apparently got bit by a tick and it embedded itself in my arm. Ray and I tried to get it out by squeezing, prodding with a sterilized needle and with a tweezer. Well, our efforts just killed it and it got red and painful. But the end result at the hospital only was a bottle of large capsules. **which I have trouble taking*

The Dr didn't acknowledge that the lump inside the arm was a dead tick. Enough said...
I passed up "veggie chips, Pirates booty, and combo petzels" I really wanted some. But I bought some flowers instead. One batch for Cindy my poodle and one for me. She had 16 ticks that we had to remove 2 nights before my findings. So my head tool, Stressed to capacity still told me no no no. Honestly, I am just a few lbs from my goal. It wouldn't have mattered but I didnt want to give in. But I choose not to. The Lapband tool had nothing to do with itl emoticon emoticon emoticon
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