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I'm a Runner!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

One of my goals as I've gotten more healthy and fit, and as I've seen other friends accomplish it, is I've wanted to be a runner. I want to run.

My SP Friend EBeams says that once you run, you are a runner. As much as I appreciate that, I ran a few steps a couple of times and still really couldn't call myself a runner. Until Today...

Today, I set out on a walk over to the middle school near my home. It's just a good stretch of the legs to get there but they have a beautiful track and that's where I wanted to be. Here's how it went:

Lap 1: Walk half, run half
Lap 2: Ran 2/3 of the lap
Lap 3: Ran the full lap!
Lap 4: Walked the full lap
Lap 5: Walked half, run half

Then I headed for home and on my way home I ran two more spurts. That's a technical running term!

I walked/ran 3.07 miles in 48 minutes which is actually pretty pathetic but, I ran. For real ran. Any of my SP Friends know that I like lessons from experiences so here are today's lessons from running.

First, if you never try to run, you don't know if you can or can't.

Second, when I run, there is a very gross jiggle movement in the top part of my buns. That has GOT to go! It's fat.

Third, breathing while you run is a necessity. I'm just not sure the right way to do this. I tried open mouth, I tried in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathing while running is the hard part.

Fourth, feet. I didn't get blisters, but they have some "hot spots" that concern me a little. My feet have been my nemesis for walking and running, I've gotten blisters in the past but not today. I wore my orthotics in my tennis shoes, single pair of mid-weight socks and 1.25 miles was on the track. This lesson is unfinished...

So, today I'm calling myself a runner! I'm just a little proud of myself! Someday, I'm going to run with EBeams and Love2Run...and a few friends who aren't SP Friends. I'm excited!

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