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Running This Weekend

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Saturday I decided to walk to the school, walk/run and then walk home. Between the trip to and from and the 1.25 miles on the track that was about 3 miles. My laps looked like this:

Lap 1 - Ran all of it
Lap 2 - Walked 1/2, ran 1/2
Lap 3 - Waked 1/2, ran 1/2
Lap 4 - Walked whole lap
Lap 5 - Walked 1/2, ran 1/2

I had a bit of exercise induced asthma and I was pretty uncomfortable for a while but it wasn't scary. My DH was concerned, lectured me a bit on overdoing. So I told him I'd be more careful. I think it really wasn't speed or distance, I think it was temperature or air quality which has been pretty bad here in the valley since we've been surrounded by fires.

So, I went out today to be more careful. I drove to the school so I could spend more time on the track, less on the sidewalk and I could have the cool of my van when I was done.

Today my laps weren't any faster than yesterday's 3 miles, I did 2.25 miles today and it felt pretty good.

Lap 1-3 Walk 1/2, run 1/2
Lap 4 Walked the lap
Lap 5 Ran most of the lap
Lap 6-9 Walked 1/2, run 1/2

My time both days wasn't good - 15 minute miles. But there were some stretches today that I felt good - the stride was relaxed and long, my shoulders were down, head held high. So, I'm going to keep running. And add more ST.

Food is not an issue, I've got diet down. I eat clean 95% of the time and I'm staying clear of carbos later in the day which tends to be a key for me. Now, if the number on the scale would just go down...we'll see what running does for me. Time will tell and I'm here for the long term...so, I'll let you know!

Yep, I'm a running Karen! emoticon emoticon
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