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Beginning a 12 week Adventure

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Iam embarking on a 12 week journey to better health and a slimmer me with my Friends in BLC20 and my Hogwart friends. That is my beginning picture. It was taken in my work's bathroom. Why do the ladies restroom become the catch all I just don't know LOL

My plan is going to be fairly simple as the way my life is right now I simply can’t manage much else. LOL

1. Eat healthier

2. Exercise

3. Get Enough Sleep

4. De-stress

5. Remember I am human and I will make mistakes so just get over it.

To eat healthier, I will be eating out less and eating less process foods. It will be Crockpot cooking to take some of the cooking off of hubby who does most of it. I have already collected a few healthier recipes for lunches to get away from the sandwich and chips for lunch.

Exercise will be scheduled on my calendar just like any other event or appointment.

I will be in bed at a good time to get my 7 or 8 so I can get up to exercise. It is only TV shows that I am watching and I won’t remember those shows 3 weeks from now so they aren’t that important.

De-stress is a biggie right now. I let stress put my behind back in my recliner and keep it there. I had stopped exercising at work on lunch time, making a more stressful day. I will exercise because it does relieve my stress and make me feel better about myself. I will have my quite time and read my Bible because that does make me calm. I will stop talking about my problems at work and elsewhere because that only upsets me more and keeps the problem every present. I will do one thing a day that I like, because it is just for me and I do deserve it.

I will remember I am human and will make mistakes. That certainly does not mean I have to throw up my hands and say ‘well that’s it, I might as well quit’. It was only a mess up and that was all, not the end of a journey only a little pot hole in the road.

Rewards will be in place for each week. No food rewards.
WK 1: new polish for my toe nails a bright color like green or yellow
WK 2: a pedicure, I have never had one before, I think I would like it
WK 3: date night at the movies with hubby, we don't get out often
WK 4: walk in the woods (should be cool here by then) I use to love the woods
WK 5: new book, I do love to read
WK 6: new app for my Kindle Fire
WK 7: new fall color toe nail polish
WK 8: new scarf, should be getting chilly by then
WK 9: all day craft day
WK 10: a nap (this is after the Thanksgiving rush)
WK 11: new lotion, oh I do love a good smelling lotion
WK 12: new outfit for the Christmas season

In order to get my rewards I am going to have to complete each week, no slacking.

That’s my plan for the next 12 weeks.

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