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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The job is going terrific and I am totally enjoying myself every day! Not many people can say that they enjoy their job but, I certainly can! We laugh and joke all day long!

However, yes, I have overdone!! A lot of you will remember 2 years ago when I had surgery on both of my arms at the same time and was in 2 casts for 4 months. Well, I went to the dr. today and yes, I have done it again! I will be having surgery the last part of Oct. and they will be putting a plate in my left arm this time. My arms will look like a pair of bookends right down to the scars. It seems that the forearm bone is rubbing bone to bone with my wrist bone and they will have to go in and cut a piece of the bone out and put a plate in to prevent the bones from meeting. This means a 6" plate in the forearm. Well, at least it will be the left arm this time!! The only thing it will hinder at work is slowing me down on my typing and dictation other than that, I will still be able to answer the phones, take notes and do the filing. And yes, I will still be able to laugh and have fun!!

I miss being on sparks all of the time but, I am out exercising at work and am actually doing something for ME!!! Go, Me!! And I have sparks and my spark friends for giving me the self-confidence that I needed to do it! THANK YOU, MY SPARK FRIENDS!!!
Hugs, Love, ME!! emoticon
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