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Monday, October 01, 2012

When I first had my lapband surgery almost 3 years ago. I too talked about food. I met a gal thru Facebook. She had lapband surgery also. I talked to her about food, Asking alot of food questions. This was her answer to me: "Why don't you stop thinking about food? Why dont you think about your life, your exercise plans" I immediately defriended her, I was so insulted.

But now I think about her. She was so right and I was just a newbie who what wrong. I don't even know her name... I speak to so many people and read so many blogs and posts. My advise to all of you is stop thinking about food~ when you do that you will see a difference in yourself and your progress in losing weight. emoticon

I decided to add something: When I wrote thinking about food, I made a mistake in my wording. I mean dwell on food and not think about other progressive things to help me carry on my weight loss journey. Thanks Anita. hugs
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    I definitely find I have an easier time sticking with my plan if my mind and body are otherwise occupied. I need to make that work for me!
    3171 days ago
    I agree - I was food obsessed when I first started on SP. I thought about it all the time, not necessarily what I couldn't eat, but what I would eat - planning, thinking ... it became obsessive.

    Three things changed it for me. I started making weekly meal plans. The next two were somewhat simultaneous. I started eating whole, unprocessed foods, which meant I had to do more cooking, which led to batch cooking.

    Now I make a weekly meal plan, do the shopping and cook much of what needs to be cooked in advance. I have found I have taken a lot of the pressure off myself in terms of thinking about food.

    Now I think about it once, then eat it. Almost every week, I/we change up the plan or move things around, have fish today instead of tomorrow, but the bottom line is I rarely think about it except when it is time to eat. What a relief.

    Stay Strong
    3177 days ago
    Oh I agree with you Ilene! For me, I know what to eat and what not to eat at this point after losing nearly 100 lbs and I still obsess about what I'm going to eat whether it's fish, chicken, meat and which veggies at each meal--it does get exhausting just thinking about protein and veggies!!

    I spend way too much time thinking about food--not bad foods, not sneaking them back in, but just thinking and planning and preparing. I think that's because I don't plan ahead--becasue I don't track. so I am always on guard, planning mentally--and for me that tends to be constantly!! I tend to forget unless I write stuff down.

    Maybe I should make my plan at the beginning of the week and put it on paper where I don't have to think about it constantly--that way it will be planned and I will have the proper foods at every meal and that will free my mind up to focus on other things. Great Point!!
    Hugs p
    3177 days ago
    *Currently i'm thinking about my fitness plans for the week
    *a fun active-ity to do with my son after school (notice the word active? hehe)
    *what i'm going to write in my goals journal today.

    So yes, i totally agree that thinking about food all the time makes you miss out on enjoying life and doing active more productive things in our days. There is a difference in mindfully thinking about food to make good choices and just dwelling on food all the time. When that happens food controls the person instead of the person taking control of their food.
    3177 days ago
    So true Ilene and Anita! I think we have all spent so many years thinking about food and gaining weight & losing weight that we are conditioned to just focus on that one negative aspect of our lives. Once we let go of food as controlling us, we free our thoughts to explore the many wonderful things life has to offer..... relationships, physical activities that bring us joy, learning opportunities, career; the list goes on.

    You blog give us all the opportunity to take a hard look at our lives and ask what are we really missing? Let go of food and make that list a reality!
    3178 days ago
    I agree with you, now I reflect on it, I am surprised how much I think about food, quite disproportionate to the amount of time I spend preparing and eating it, which is only a very little part of every day. There are all these other things gong on in the world around me that I do not focus on.
    Funny, isn't it, because I am not actually THAT interested in food, in fact I haven't even got the excuse of hunger most of the time. In earlier times we would probably have spent quite a large proportion of our lives involved in finding, growing and storing food, and food security would have been a big issue, so it would make sense to be preoccupied with food then. But now, everything is so easy and readily to hand, and to tell the truth, I find planning, shopping, preparing and eating food quite a chore.
    So how come I have any more to do with it than I HAVE to?
    I guess it is down to habit, and it's time I changed that!
    emoticon for getting me thinking about this, it is a great point!
    3178 days ago
    Your blog got me thinking. When I was heavier (which was most of my life), I did think and talk about food more. Interesting thought. Now I know I need to concentrate on the other things - expanding my horizons and improving my life. Thanks for reminding me of that.
    3178 days ago
    You are so right Ilene and we do tend to lose focus beyond the scale and what we are going to eat next. We need to live life and participate in all around us.
    3178 days ago
    I think we do have to think about our food, but it is HOW and WHY we think about it that matters. If our food thoughts are focused on building a framework of nutrition and making choices to support our health and weight loss goals, those are good food thoughts. If we are are dreaming of foods we used to eat and lamenting the goodies we have to give up, or are obsessed with findings ways to sneeak them back in - well, to me that is just focusing energy on the problem and not the solution, and I don't see that being helpful at all. That doesn't mean we won't ever eat something we "shouldn't" occasionally, but that stuff shouldn't be ruling our thoughts and lives.
    3179 days ago
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