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Tune Up On My 12 Week Plan For My BLC Challenge

Monday, October 22, 2012

Part of the BLC challenge for this weekend was to look over and tune up if needed your original 12 week plan.

Below is my original 12 week plan created on Friday, September 14, 2012

When I was giving the challenge to blog my 12 week plan for success, I must admit that I thought long and hard about it for 2 days. I decided that I would just tweak what I’ve been doing from day one and be consistence with it.

Instead of working out 3 days a week, I’ll be challenging myself to do 5 days a week. I usually walk or do cardio DVD’s but I will start incorporating other exercises such as rope jumping, swimming etc. in my routine so that I can keep myself from getting bored as well as to keep my body from getting used to the same old exercising and becoming ineffective.

2. When I started out with Sparkpeople, I use to measure everything I ate faithfully, however, somewhere along the way, I slacked off and I started doing what we call “eyeballing” my food. Tracking my food and staying in my calorie range is not a big problem for me; however, measuring everything I eat on a consistence basis is. I have already started back measuring everything I eat and I now try to be mindful not to consume more than 1200 calories daily. If by chance I go over my calorie range set by Sparkpeople, I will not allow myself to feel like a failure.

3. I believe that maintaining a good attitude on this journey is equally as important as food intake and exercising. I will strive every day to keep a positive attitude and get out of my comfort zone and push myself further than I ever have before, approaching each challenge head on.

Finally, as one of my fellow team members stated, it is not necessary for me to buy something as a reward for my victories because for me just a chance of a better quality of life as a result of shedding the unwanted pounds is really all the reward I need for now. Later on down the road, as the weight drops off, a new wardrobe will definitely be a must have.

After I took a good look at the 12 week plan I decided that I wouldn't change a thing because I truly believe this plan is very doable. I have lost over 12 pounds within 6 weeks so far and I know I would have lost more had I not allowed my eating to get out of hand one weekend .

I plan on sticking to my plan without deviating and I have no doubt that I will reach my goal. If by chance I don't get to that 30 pound weight lost I'm aiming for, I won't be too disappointing because I’ve started to feel real good about this journey and for the first time in a long time my cloths look and feel good when I put them on. I even now have people commenting to me how great I look since I started losing weight.

Being a healthier me for right know is truly all the reward I need.

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