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Virtual 5k DONE!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Last Monday I did my virtual 5k. It was one of those runs that contained the agony and the ecstasy. Going out was pretty good, legs were a bit tired but nothing major. It was nice out and not windy. I was feeling it, running along it was good.

Than it changed, the wind kicked up and was pushing me. Where I live is known for being very windy so wind is normal. What is not normal is wind to my back, pushing me, as I ran down hill. That made that slope going down feel even better. Going out no problem.

It was the coming back that did me in. Uphill into the wind. I guess I should be happy as I normally run out into the wind and back into the wind and this time it was only back into the wind. It did me in. I made it. I finished. It was one of my slower times but, oh well. I had fun and thanks DebbiefromMT for inspiring me.
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