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DR RESULTS ARE IN! (and I'm a little confused)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Hey everyone -

The nurse from the DR's office called yesterday with the results.. they are not bad (and I'll get to that in a minute) but I now have piles more questions I asked her to get with the DR and let me know, so this is likely update 1 of 2 to come.

Okay- the big stuff:

My hair loss- the nurse did not mention it at all, and just went over my results, of those none would indicate a low level of anything that would affect my hair.
So- I am waiting to find out if the DR just plain thinks it was lack of cals/nutrition/protein all of which will not show up now months later on a test, now that she's seen it's not something else.
thyroid is ok, liver function ok, and vitmain levels all ok!! AWESOME!

So what she did find, again none of wich speaks to my hair loss/thinning but likely stuff good to know and work on all the same:

1. Sugar is high. She said only slighty, nothing like pre-diebetic or to be alarmed but she wants me to A) watch my sugar and B) watch my carbs

Okay to confusion number one- For 1500 Calories I was already on the low side of the carbs (170-210) which a low carb diet is (50-100, or maintance from what I see at 130) So I'm super confused because I eat only whole grains, nuts, veggies and only one, maybe two fruits per day (if I have a long workout I eat 2 fruits, one a banana)... so how in the world am I supposed to eat enough carbs to fuel, stay low carb, get 25 grams of fiber, 48 whole grains, 5 servings of veg/fruit and be low carb????

2. Protein was actually 8.2 and should be 6-8 I think she said.... Now I had upped my Protein when the hair loss issue came up- this will be easy to lower a little and should be fine, but it begs the question looking at item number 1.. if I'm supposed to lower my carbs... and not eat more protein... what am I supposed to eat knowing that I am already at 1500 calories and should not really drop lower, but I guess I could.

Moving on-

3. My heart & cholesterol- I apparently have a slighty high cholesterol which is weird to me because I eat so good and add virtually zero fats to my deit that are not from low fat cheese, 1% milk... I do not use butter or oil... eventhough I should actually for my heart be ADDING extra virgin olive oil to my intake (small amount but still high in fat and I'm keeping fat at 30-60 grams... so impossible to have even lean meat, some dairy, and nuts and have fat left over for oil. So she wants me to take Omega-3 Fish Oil which is no biggie, twice a day 1,000 milligrams.

There is an overall concern that if I don't find a way to tackle the constant worry and dread feelings, and stress that this combined with some of the results in the blood work spells bad things for my future heart... so it is important I sort all this out.

I have a feeling my next splurges will be -
1. Finding a cognitive behavioral health professional to work on my aniety through before I end up on any medication for that.. (still so weird, I never thought it was such a big deal)
2. Finding a nutritionist to help me sort out what levels I should be in to get my bloodwork where the DR wants it while still eating enough to fuel my body for just general life and for the fitness time I book every week.


I am feeling like my previous program of weekends off is likely going to have to go... 2 days out of 7 could be making the difference since I don't track those days... Saturday I'm pretty free with my choices and Sunday I'd say I'm about 60% free and 40% smart... I might need to make Saturday 60/40 and Sunday full on good girl and tracking unless something special is happening.

OKay folks so there we have it... results. Now I go into research mode and back to the drawing board of my overall program...

I still have to say I am very very confused because I know m-f I eat so good it's crazy.. I truly am curious if slacking 2 days can cause such a breakdown in my results.

Key factor to know in case anyone wonders- My blood was drawn on a Friday... and I was a good sparklepie all week so nothing the night before that would have cause wonky results.

Tonight is my first ever session with a trainer... this should be awesome.
She is going to measure my fat, muscle and all that good stuff then help me get a program together to get the jiggly bits a bit more in shape and improve my overall strength abilities. oh yeah!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on getting some more data - and this is all this is, data.

    I agree with what others have said, cholesterol can just be genetic.

    Also, CBT is great, great stuff. There's a bookstore that specializes in that type of book not too far from where I live - I'd be happy to get you the Anxiety CBT book and sent it to you!

    3172 days ago
    Hooray! That's not too shabby. :) As for dietary changes - that does sound really confusing. I would definitely NOT drop below 1500 calories. What is your exercise program like? Cholesterol can be very strongly affected by exercise - it makes the "bad cholesterol" drop and the "good cholesterol" rise. I used to have high LDL (bad) and low HDL (good cholesterol), but last time I had my blood work done, my LDL was quite low and my HDL was insanely high, to the point that my endocrinologist laughed and said he'd never seen such a high number (I think it was 111 or something like that...and I think they say 60 is a good high number for most people to shoot for!). The reason why it had all reversed so dramatically was because I exercised so much. Granted, I exercised TOO much. But still, getting lots of exercise can help cholesterol without making any dietary changes. Alternatively, you just might be genetically predisposed to high cholesterol if it runs in your family. So it really might not be your diet.

    Anyways, good luck sorting everything out! I'm glad you got some good results and have some good plans in place to take care of yourself. :)
    3189 days ago
  • KELLY122581
    Hey! I have 2 follow-up questions for you :-)

    1) was it a fasting blood draw? (i.e. was it in the morning after not eating or drinking anything for 8 hours?) because eating or drinking ANYTHING can mess up all the values that are "weird" in your results - sugar, protein, and cholesterol. Especially sugar.

    2) what part of your cholesterol was high? if it was your LDL "bad" cholesterol you should look how many animal products you are eating. this comes from eating meat, cheese, eggs, other dairy, etc....

    If it was your "total cholesterol" you should ask the doctor to break it down, because if it was your HDL level that is high in your total value, that can actually be a good thing. AND.... everything you are doing increases HDL levels: losing weight, exercise, eating high fiber foods, eating "good" fats like fish and healthy oils.

    If it was your triglycerides that were high (but I doubt that unless you have an underlying condition) it might indicate that you are eating too much food (excess calories are converted to triglycerides in the process of storing food as fat).
    3189 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12088077
    I am so glad your test results we mostly positive! What a blessing. Don't stress about the results- you are doing great- and I bet that your cholesterol and sugar were higher 70 pounds ago. Do you have a benchmark from then? Maybe your body is still adjusting? If it were me, I would keep doing what you are doing and in a year, test again. If your numbers go down then BAM you win. If the go up, then change it up. It wasn't long ago that you were overweight and unhealthy, and it takes your body time to "heal"/find equilibrium.


    3189 days ago
    Very cool to find that your numbers are mostly close to where they should be. Maybe have the DR define "lower carbs." I can see, lower sugar, but whole grain carbs and fruit/veggie carbs, those should be okay, right?
    3190 days ago
    All of those wonky results can definitely be caused by stress and not nutrition. I know I keep saying it, but I've gotten more results from the book Stress Free for Good than any other program. If you'd like to start CBT right away, I recommend the Feeling Good Handbook, but Stress Free for Good really is more useful, and it works right away.
    3190 days ago
    I think your plan for CBT and nutrition consult is very sound.
    Medicine is such an inexact thing, we can't find answers for most things, really. So focusing on what you know and what you can do is important.
    Take good care,
    3190 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13109457
    Definitely sounds like a job for a nutritionist! Hope you find one you like.
    3190 days ago
    glad there was nothing seriously wrong with your blood worth like anemia or pre diabetes.so woo hoo ,way to go love.have you concidered that the problems with your hair could simply be your stress,anxiety level?just a thought.i am envious of you having a trainer and want to know all that she telly you and suggest lol.i would love a personal trainer.maybe in my dreams.take care and keep smiling love emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3190 days ago
    Here's a quick little story about me. I was vegan for a year, and my cholesterol was still in the 330's. And I was eating a healthy vegan diet, but my sugar was a little high.

    Turns out I have insulin resistance. And PCOS and high cholesterol. But since I got on all the medications, I have been much better.

    I'm not saying you have these conditions, I'm just saying diet doesn't dictate everything. Trust me I know! How can my cholesterol be so high when I hadn't eaten any cholesterol in a year? Or how can my sugar be high when I eat a balanced diet and not go over my Spark people recommendations (now I keep lower than that).

    All I am saying is that it sounds like there is something medically wrong, and not diet like wrong.

    Hope you get it figured out. And don't be afraid of the medication as long as it's the right kind. I hate taking pills, but now that I am on the right ones, I don't mind because I see a positive difference, not a negative one.

    Good luck with everything!
    3190 days ago
    Congratulations on the good news emoticon However, it is always easier to focus on what we don't know, or what we believe could improve. I would suggest simply taking the steps to keep on top of what you do know.
    As for balance in nutrition, it can be tricky. It is, like you have stated necessary to get enough carbs to fuel the body and brain. I am working on this balance also. For me,
    I have found that a certain calorie range works best to get it all in. I have been too low,
    and missing key nutrients. Trial and error. Keep working with your health care team and you will eventually find the balance which is best for you.
    I wish you the best, and although these things take, time and patience, hope you find it soon as possible.
    3190 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12055010
    Sounds like you have a great plan ahead. Can't wait to hear about your training session. Been thinking I needed to splurge on that for myself - maybe in January when the holidays are past. Good Luck
    3190 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12758218
    I aree that sometimes these results are at least partly genetic. I like the idea of a nutrtionist. I keep thinking of doing that, myself. Hope you get some illumination from your doctor. Good luck!
    3190 days ago
  • SUSIEQ911
    Do you have a family history of high cholesterol? It's some of it genetic?

    I wouldn't get too worked up about out until you talk to your dr. I've had the nurse tell me results but just the results and then when I talk to the dr. it's made much more clear and it wasn't anything to worry about.

    Will you be making an dr appt soon? I know you hate to go, but it might make you feel better about it.

    3190 days ago
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