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Big girl panties

Friday, November 30, 2012

So, what happened? It all started on Tuesday when I was planning out a story time program for Wednesday about cookies. I had a couple of cute books on the theme and I decided to make a cookie match game the kids could do and then I thought it would be fun to bake cookies in our toaster oven using prepared cookie dough from the store. So far so good. I went to the store on the way home from work and bought the dough and I decided to leave it in the car so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it. All was well until I started to print out pictures of cookies and started to get an overwhelming desire for that cookie dough and before I knew it that cookie dough was soon in the house and then in my mouth. I felt so defeated at that point by my food addiction I couldn't even log in to SP to talk about what I'd done. The next day I couldn't bring myself to step on the scale or check my blood sugar for fear and shame at what I'd done. As the day went on I started to feel better and told my coworkers what I'd done and that helped too and one of them suggested that in the future if i want to have a treat for the kids i wait to buy it just before i come to work and that way there will be less opportunity for a binge. A good plan.
Today I put on my big girl panties and got back on the scale and I'd actually lost a small amount and now have two pounds to go to get back to my pre-holiday weight. I wish I could figure out how to allow myself small amounts of trigger foods but moderation doesn't seem to be in my nature.
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  • no profile photo CD10016512
    I used to have the same problem and I still have my moments, but I learned to replace with something healthy...I want Chocolate Chip Cookies, I eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie Special K bar. Brain and taste buds thunk it is what they want, but it is only 90 calories and if you wash it down with small glass of milk or coffee then you really throw them off. Good Luck in your struggle, you can beat this though. emoticon emoticon emoticon (slow and steady wins the race)
    3114 days ago
    Thanks so much for sharing this story. This happens to me and I always wish the cookie dough tasted like the bad feeling I get later. No such luck. I read a book that helped me understand why this happens it's called The Power of Habit.
    Glad to see you have a plan for next time!
    3115 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13082106
    Sometimes all it takes is putting that food in front of you and a binge is inevitable. Trust me, I know from experience. Maybe try doing a snack for the kids that you're not particularly interested in eating yourself? Pretzels? Popcorn? I don't know, but whatever sounds the least tempting to you might be the way to go. That way you don't feel like you're missing out while they get to eat all the good stuff. In any case, way to go stopping with just the cookie dough (not easy!) and even losing weight! I like that there was a happy ending to this story. Keep going, you're almost to your goal!
    3116 days ago
    When I frist started if something was brought into the house that was not a good thing but once in awhile it could be a treat I would tape the calorie count to the outside of the package for that would be the first thing I'd see. It helped stop it from being a go to food unless I knew it would fit into my calorie range.... emoticon
    3116 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13320105
    For me there are certain foods I cannot allow in the house. If I do I'm going to end up eating till it's gone. When I want a treat I buy a candy bar or something and split it with someone. But if it comes in the house, I'm going to eat it. We have grapes on the table, I can eat a ton of them and not gain. Tomorrow is another day. One mistake doesn't mean you failed. You can do this. Just keep going.
    3117 days ago
    I think it's important to recognize what you can and cannot allow yourself in moderation. I know lots of people say it's better to allow yourself small amounts of everything, so you don't "feel deprived" and then binge, but I also know that sometimes that's just not possible. For me, it's french fries. I love them, love them, love them :-). And I haven't had them since Aug 2011. Periodically I think, maybe I could just have a few, but in my heart I know that allowing myself even a few would very quickly lead to having a lot, and then I'd be right back where I started, 60lbs heavier and eating fast food every day. I've been able to allow myself to eat potato chips in moderation, and I know that those will rarely trigger any type of "binge" eating, but I don't think I will every be able to eat french fries. It is what it is and I have accepted it. Maybe cookies are like that for you. And in the meantime, do what you did, suck it up, accept that you ate something you shouldn't have, and move on. Today is a new day!!!
    3117 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12880318
    3118 days ago
    sometimes a looonnggg fast from the offending food can sorta re-set your system, and you can re-introduce things on a limited basis. it's easy to get back to the insane craving/binging thing, though if you have it more than occasionally. i've found that after a long sugar fast, sweet things disgust me, until i eat it a few times.
    hang in there, keep finding out how your body works.
    3118 days ago
    LOL! You have a great way of putting things. Seriously, you had a setback and you moved past ii! emoticon
    3119 days ago
  • BISCO_
    LOL.... I am with you 100%!!! Things somehow start calling my name..... Pecan Pie called me name for almost 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving....(maybe not that long.. I don't make it to weeks).. So inevitably I ve had my fill of pecan pie. It is... what it is..I don't care for any right now, thank you.... Please don't beat yourself up on things like that! Sometimes I think when we buy into feelings of shame - it makes it much worse... Then it becomes "evil".. and the rebellion will set in (for me anyway)... Eh... so what... you ate cookies. Back on track to the journey of figuring out how to live peacefully with cookies... as they aren't going away. I love the plan your coworkers suggested - get them on the way - I've done this.. and with all the people around when it's time to open the cookies.. well most of the time (for me) restraint kicks in.. and I won't eat 1... or eat just 1. Our issues parallel in so many ways.. Love reading your blogs. I wish I could find words to write blogs, but when it's time to blog but can't seem to find any!

    emoticon emoticon
    3119 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/30/2012 2:23:37 AM
    3119 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13294822
    Don't' feel to bad, I would have eaten the cookie dough too...LOL Maybe it would be better to use play dough for the illustrations... just a thought.... emoticon
    3119 days ago
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