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November 30, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Tribute to our dog Jake, by Larry S. Kendrick (11 24 2012)

I lost a good friend last night - a faithful friend; man's best friend; our dog
His name was Jake, from a shelter in Chicago. A golden retriever, who was not purebred

He'd been a stray on the streets for nigh two weeks. So once he was ours, he never would leave us
He'd stay by our side and walk proud beside us. And he'd bark at anyone he thought might harm us

We retired to the mountains of California northeast, and blessed him with scents of the pines and the lakes
He learned to swim at a place called Butt Lake, from a black lab my Mom lovingly called Daisy K

Each day we walked down the hill to get mail, and he loved to greet neighbors with his nose & his tail.
He especially loved neighbor John cross the street, and John's wife Dixie who snuck him wrong treats

But the high light of Jake's day was to Grandma's house go, cause she saved him treats & loved him so
His Mama and Dad went away time to time, and he'd stay by Grandma's door and mope to mark time.

Jake died last night from a strange, collapsed lung. I rushed home from a trip to do what I could
And while struggling to breath he was happy I'd come, so I laid on my bed and draped my arm round him

He looked in my eyes and wanted more help, but I was helpless to give him relief
He finally gave up and laid down on his bed, and at 3:00 am I found he was dead

I'd prayed for his healing or God's taking him home; I didn't want him to suffer so I willingly let go
But already I know that my walks to the mail will be different and sadder because of our loss.

My dear Jeri was not here - she's away with her Mom, so she sent me to do what I could in her place
& I know she will cry when she hears he is gone, but she'll relish like me the good times he gave us

I've never had the gift of tears, so grieving is hard, but strangely my loss is distracted by thoughts
Of a dog so happy to see us when we returned from a trip, he'd run round the house to express his bliss

I lost a good friend last night. A faithful friend, man's best friend, our dog
His name was Jake, from a shelter in Chicago; A golden retriever, who was not purebred
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