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Happy 2013!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ok, I'm totally sick of the Day 1 post titles so I'm going to try and be a bit more imaginative with those. We'll see how long that lasts. LOL

So it's a new year and I refuse to make resolutions. I'm making basic goals this year. No "lose 50lbs before the end of the year" or "stop eating chocolate" or things of that nature. I'm not even making a weight-loss goal at all this year. I'm going much more basic than that. Here are my goals for this year:

* My health - with all the major stressors in the last several months I've stopped doing the things I know I need to do for my health. This is not about losing weight (although that generally happens) but more about watching my diet to keep my bp and cholesterol under control without meds and exercising to feel better. Continuing to have problems with my feet which is something I think I need to bring up to the doctor again as nothing I've been trying has been helping.

* Unpacking - I'd really like to not have boxes of "misc" stuff still in the garage or stashed in weird places around the house in 10yrs. I'm going to try really hard to have things settled enough that Mark can park his Firebird in the garage before summer.

* My photography - this is something that really slipped this year and I miss it. Not sure I'm going to strive for a picture a day but I do think I'm going to strive for bringing my camera with me more and just shooting for fun. Maybe this year I can even get some photo editing software again so I can play with the pictures I take.

* Blogging - Not sure I can do daily but I definitely want to get back to a couple of times a week. I miss it and I know there are so many funny things the kids do and say that I will forget as they grow older and I want to be able to remember them

* Reading - Ok, this one always kind of goes without saying.

* Finding Peace - No, this isn't about having an always quiet house but more about finding inner peace and harmony in my life. I've been getting better about it but this year definitely pushed me again and there were too many times when I found myself not handling things the way I would like. One of my biggest fauts is I tend to be a yeller when I get stressed and especially when the kids have pushed me and I want to try and get away from that more. This is definitely one of those things where it's going to be a long work in progress.

* Complete a half-marathon - I've signed up for one in early May with a 3.5hr time limit. It means I have to average 4mph for that time to complete it under the time limit and I haven't started training yet. Tough? Oh yeah! But something I'm really looking forward to doing just to push myself and be able to say I've done it.

* Promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt - It sucks that right now we are looking at having to take a break from KSW due to financial hardship from not having sold the other house but I will be continuing to hope that we sell that soon and can get back there in time to be promoted this year. Another one of those things where it's been hard work for the last several years but so wonderful to push myself and do something so many have not.

So I really want to focus less on numbers on a scale but more on being the person I want to be. One that finds time for the small joys in life, is at peace with herself, and is healthy. Does this mean eating right and exercising? Yep! Will I lose weight? Very likely. But the goal is overall health, not reaching a specific number.

With that being said, I've started my half-marathon training today and feeling really good about it. I'm not looking to be Speedy Gonzales but my hope is that my friend and I can maintain a 4mph pace for the entire thing. If we can train up and go faster, great! But the point is to complete in the 3.5hr time limit and fully believe we can do that. Training today was 57min with warm-up and cool down and I was able to maintain a 4mph average pace so I'm happy. Here's to being able to keep that up for longer!
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    I am so excited to see you are training for a half! I know you've done other races and you'll be glad for those experiences to fuel you along and keep you trekking. I cannot wait to hear all about your training!
    3127 days ago
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