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BLC Back to the Future

Friday, January 25, 2013

We're supposed to blog about what we would tell our 16yr old self if we could go back in time. I don't have the deep thoughts some people are sharing with their 16yr old self. Me? I'd probably say . . .

. . . Don't change a thing. Everything you do will make you the person you will become.

. . . Have no regrets. If something good comes from it, wonderful. If it's bad, call it experience and move on.

. . . There will be ugly times but as hard as it is to believe when you're living through them they will pass and you'll end up okay.

. . . Probably the biggest surprise life will have for you 40 years down the road is that despite saying for decades you don't want children, you will end up with the most wonderful son. He will be the center of your universe and the pride and love you feel for him will surprise you on an almost a daily basis.

. . . Life goes by unbelievably fast. Sit back, buckle-up and enjoy every bit of the ride.

One last thing dear 16 year old self, I would suggest you steer clear of the Annie Green Springs.
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