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66 Blogs for 66 yrs - Day Six

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is Feb 10 & day 6 of my 66 Blog commitment for my 66 years. My gratitude for today is that I am finally back in front of my trusty desktop computer! It's so much easier to compose when I am comfortable in my surroundings.


So today I want to explain my purpose for my 66 blogs in 66 days. It seems to me that I have become stale in my approach to my weight loss journey. My effort is more than 15 years old, & although I am 16 lbs less than when I started, I have been stuck in the 14 to 18 lb ditch for what seems like forever! I believe that if I can focus, force my hand (literally), that It may give me a different motivation. Oh, I have wonderful & commendable reasons for taking the pounds off, it's simply that I forget about them when temptation lands in front of me!! So I am thinking if I place something else in front of my face, a commitment if you will, that I will have that daily reminder to answer to. Yup, to answer to myself in a more responsible way!


Unfortunately I am getting sick with a sore throat! Seems that I may have my 7 yr old Abigail's Strep throat! I'll find out tomorrow when I call the Dr!

Big emoticon to everyone & THANK YOU so much for being here!!!
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