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My New Turban Look

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well, again trying to figure out why I sometimes have episodes where I space out, and have no memory of it. I've had CT's, MRI's, EEG in the past, all showing no reason for it. I do get migraine headaches, but only once with an episode.
Saw a new neurologist who specializes in seizure-type problems. He wanted me to have this 24-hrs. EEG test, so today I went to DHMC (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center) and they glued all kinds of electrodes on my head, and a couple on my chest, then sent me home with a monitor around my waist to record my brain activity for 24 hrs. Oh yes, they wrapped my head in white gauze to help keep the electrodes in place. My very own turban !! I got lots of looks walking through the hospital. Looks like I just had brain surgery.
I am home to go about my daily routine, and go back tomorrow to have them taken off. I have to record things I do, like eating, watching TV, computer, etc., and a button to push for any abnormal activity along the way. Here's a couple of pictures for a laugh !!

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