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Non-Scale Victory - I'm obsessing on my gut now. Progress!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I ran into a woman who reminded me what I was like in October 2011 when I first got to my weight loss goal. I was so afraid of myself and terrified of everyone else right then.

All I could dream of was crawling back into my nice, familiar, padded obesity where I belonged. I wanted everyone to stop noticing me and telling me how great I looked.

But I couldn't go back. I could never go there again. If I gained the weight back it would be worse. I was stuck being this thin unknown person. Now what? I was shattered.

Today I was confronted with seeing another woman going through that point in time today. She is newly thin. It is a year and a half later for me.

I realized I'm not there anymore.

I've moved on from missing the fat lady I used to be to trying to make the best of this thin lady I am now.

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