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This was fun...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yesterday I took another class at the local nursery. This one was on making light bulb terrariums and I promised my new SparkFriend Canice www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
that I would try to describe the process. You need an incandescent light bulb (don't worry if it's frosted), a small screwdriver, a pair of needle nosed pliers, some sugar or salt (about a tablespoon), about 2 tablespoons of horticultural sand, some moss or other VERY tiny plants.

Step 1 - Use the screwdriver to loosen the little metal tab on the bulb and the pliers to remove it.
Step 2 - Use the screwdriver to carefully break out the glass plug... this was scary but no one broke their light bulb or cut themselves.
Step 3 - Using the pliers, remove the wire & glass from the inside of the bulb. The glass is fragile and was pretty easy to break out and remove.
Step 4 - Pour salt or sugar into the bulb and swirl/shake it around. It will remove the frosting from the interior of the bulb... like magic!!!
Step 5 - Put the sad in the bulb then add moss and plants (I just used moss) and other decorations like small glass ornaments or shells. I bought a glass ladybug.
Step 6 - Spray about 10 squirts of water inside, enough to dampen everything.
Step 7 - We used circle clamps for stands, but you can use any small item you like, and some tacky material to adhere your terrarium to it's stand. Our instructor called the tacky stuff it "rhino snot." She also suggested that we do a Google search on other ways to mount or hang our project.

It should last for about 3 months, then you can rinse it out and use it again.

Now the tricky part... to upload a picture that this program will accept...

Exciting... It worked!

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