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The heat got me today!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So down here in Texas, it got pretty warm today. I should *not* have been out in it for three hours, in the middle of the afternoon. I was drinking water and in shade part of the time, but... well, I won't be doing that again. Lol.

Only managed to lift weights two times instead of three last week, due to getting sick for a couple of days. But, I did lift this past Sunday, and I will again tomorrow (was going to today, but you know, the dehydration), and then hopefully a third time on Saturday.

I just read up on isometric exercise. Huh. Interesting. I might incorporate some into my lifting routine. I'm going to be changing the routine a bit. I have been trying to do 3 sets of about 15 on most of the exercises. Well, I've been reading it's better to do higher weight, lower reps. So I'm going to be trying that out.

Another concern for me, however, as a diabetic, is that exercising makes me pretty sick. I mean, it lowers my blood sugar pretty severely. Again, been reading about strategies for helping that situation on various diabetes forums, and I think I've picked up some ideas that will help. So I'm excited to try those out!

I'm going to make the following changes when I exercise:

1. Eat something with some carbs in it one hour before starting
I'm low carb (like, really low carb), so I don't really want to have
to add more carbs to my diet, but then again, being sick isn't working
out, so... whatever it takes!

2. Test my blood sugar before I start, half way through, and when I'm
This probably seems like a no-brainer to most people, but I'm kind of
stuuuuupid sometimes. Heh.

3. Split the workout (either lifting weights or walking) up into two
smaller workouts
So when I lift weights, it routinely takes me nearly an hour and a
half. Not because I'm doing so many exercises, but because I'm not
able to get through them quickly. I don't rest for ten minutes
between sets or anything, but still. I'm going to try doing some of
the exercises early in the day, then do the rest later in the day.

4. Take some carby food with me when exercising away from home!
Like when I go for a walk, I'm generally gone an hour or more. So I
do need to take some food. People have recommended taking glucose
tablets, or an orange, or something like that. But those are too high
carb, for me, unless it's a dire emergency. Another low-carb diabetic
suggested cashews, and I loooove me some cashews, so I'm going to try

All right, so I hope everyone else was smart enough to stay out of the heat today, if it was hot where you live. =) :) ^_^
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD13338702
    You do have a complex situation and I think you are handling it very intelligently. Have you ever tried Macadamia Nut butter...it has a sweetness and is low carb. You might make some nut butter crackers with low carb crackers to carry as a snack...and carefull with the heat. Once you have had an issue with heat exhaustion, stroke etc..it is more likely. Taking time to do the workout sounds very sane.
    2963 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11703205
    I was wondering why you said that you were dehydrated earlier. Now I know. And that is a bad thing for anybody. I don't have diabetes nor do I have any family members that have it, but I do know that would be hard.
    Breaking up your workout will not change whether or not it will work. It's the moving that will cause you to lose weight.
    Now ... more weight less reps ... or less weight more reps ..... You will get a hundred different answer to which is better. I think that lighter weight, but more reps would be better for you. Most people that do the higher weight are trying to build bulk. And I know for me I can do more reps and work out with better form and not have to rest as often when I use light weights. I still get the burn, so I know that I am working my muscles. .... and that is what really matters.

    And ummmm ...... I be stupid too .... a lot. Hubby says that I'm living proof a person can live with out a brain. ... Good thing that he loves me or I might be insulted. hehehe!
    2978 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11283527
    Wow! I really admire you for thinking through the added challenge of being diabetic which can really be tough. Two people in my family are diabetic. You are brave and courageous. emoticon emoticon
    2979 days ago
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