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Opinions Wanted - Exercising While Sick

Saturday, April 06, 2013

So I had something like the flu this past week. Not a full-on flu - at least I don't think - but bad enough that I felt crummy. So crummy, in fact, that I didn't feel like I could exercise. It was a struggle just to get out of bed, and for a couple of days there, I didn't even do that.

All the extra sleep did help me to start feeling better. But yesterday, I really had to force myself to lift weights. Afterwards, I felt pretty good - energized.

I wonder though... is it better to just lay around for a week, recovering from whatever illness? Or to just force yourself to exercise, even though it feels like it might kill you? Lol...

I'm not talking about trying to exercise while you're deathly ill, like with pneumonia. I mean exercising while you have, say, a cold. What do you think?
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    I listened to my body for a few days and then I started out slow. i think we need to heal before we push to hard. If you push to hard it could take longer for your body to get better. So glad you are feeling better.
    2948 days ago
    BLOOD is our life-force. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to our entire body. The amazing healing process of the body is encouraged by increasing blood flow. Walking is perfect. The danger of just laying around is that the blood PH level can drop significantly therefore reducing blood flow. So make sure to keep hydrated as well, although i'm sure most people understand this.

    With weight training, I agree that you should listen to your body and rest until you're over it. When your mind is not fully focused you risk the danger of using improper technique thus increasing the risk of injury. Also, results from resistance training rely heavily on the amount of intensity at which you workout. During an illness your head is all clogged up and not in the zone to devote the proper attention to your training.

    As well as this, your body is trying to repair it'self from the cold or flu. Resistance training causes your muscles to swell and in doing so your body repairs the muscle to become stronger and healthier. So, logically, your body doesn't really need the added stress and you will end up being ill for longer because the body is repairing it'self double time.

    However, this does not stop me from testing the waters. Even during illness I go to the gym and try a couple of sets and see how I feel. If I think I feel good enough to give it everything, I will continue. If not, I will simply pack up and go home.

    Anyway, I am no doctor or sports scientist, but this is how I approach it and what I feel is logical and common sense to me. I hope that helps.

    Keep on the road and never stop trying. All the very best, god bless and Kia Kaha, be strong!

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    2948 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13813765
    People say "listen to your body" and if your body isn't a brat like mine, do so! My body likes to tell me "I Can't" all the time, if I listen to it, I would never get out of bed emoticon ! Glad you are feeling better!!
    2952 days ago
    Sorry I am a little late to the game.. Sorry to hear you were sick but glad your getting better. I say a little walking and listen to your body. When your so sick you can't get out of bed it will take you awhile to be your old self. At the same time doing nothing isn't good either. Even a few minutes of Dancing or just stretching and walking a ways is good.

    Keep me updated. emoticon Dawn
    2952 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11283527
    Yep, listen to your body. Glad it's leaving now.
    2952 days ago
    Go with what your body tells you.
    2955 days ago
    Gee, I was sick as a dog last week too. I did a few exercises, but NO cardio! That was just tooooooooooooooo much for my poor, sick body.

    Hope you feel better soon,

    2955 days ago
  • MINEA999
    I figure listen to your body. If you're still having congestion it might be tough but if you're relatively fine and just maybe a bit lazy or week - start slow on something and build up your strength. But remember lots of liquids!

    2955 days ago
    Listen to your body!
    2955 days ago
    I say, listen to your body.
    You know better than anyone else.
    If you feel exercising may boost your immune system, go for it.
    If you think it'll make you feel worse, rest.

    2955 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13474073
    When I am sick I don't feel like exercising, nor eating much. I would think drinking a lot of fluids and get back to the exercise as soon as you are over your cold. I am just one opinion.

    Best of luck.
    2955 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13762359

    If you have any coughing or congestion or a fever I think you should just take it easy, girlfriend.

    Your body is fighting off something so maybe it would be better to help it fight off that flu. Drink plenty of liquids and rest.

    Baby yourself for a few days till you are truly better. That's my advice. emoticon
    2955 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD6145574

    i have not gained a pound in over a year.

    i gave up sugar and grain products and lost 44 pounds at age 61.

    my sister lost 105 pounds at age 63 by walking 15000 steps a day and has not gained a pound back either in over a year

    2955 days ago
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