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Friday, May 03, 2013

This week has been a week of reflection, detection and correction.

I began the week with a day off work. I had been worn down spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. My physicality was suffering bad in the previous week and I knew it was because my head wasn't in the game. I really had to sit down and reflect on what was really going on.

My head was plagued by problems in my relationships with my children due to lack of attention. Finances were beginning to get out of control. And my wife and I noticed an increase of stress between us. Albeit very small but, together, were beginning to create a snowball.

I took a day off and, with my wife, pretty much all day we talked about everything. While we were doing the house chores we just talked. I made sure to check myself and that I was just listening mostly because I really wanted my wife to open up, and she did. It was a great day and for hours we talked and found cracks in our family life. We discussed ways and strategies of improving various things especially with our children.

That night we had a family meeting and all of us aired our opinions and voiced our concerns. The kids attacked me good and made sure I understood where I needed to improve. They're pretty good like that. Plans and goals were set and after 2 and a half hours, we were done, happy and ready to carry on.

For the rest of the week I have invested my time in correcting and improving my behaviour. Resetting my focus and knuckling down. I feel great! My workouts are back to the level of intensity they should be and my energy levels are back too. The scales haven't moved much which is great, prolly a pound lost since the previous week. Which is right where I want to be.

In saying that, yesterday while working out, I had an awesome workout. Dips and pull ups supersetting. My mind was back in the game and my intensity was almost there too. My eating has been very good, save for the maccas last night which may have put me over my daily calorie count, but I really don't mind. It's not a negative for me at this stage, in fact it went a long way to personal development. Always try and find the positive in everything I do. It's nothing 90 minutes of cardio watching football won't fix lol.

So the biggest lesson I can learn here is that no matter how physically strong I am, I will get weaker if I don't take care of my personal life. Strength exists in everything. Be it relationships, faith, eating or whatever, you simply must pay attention to the strength of your mind and spirit. If not then your physical strength will suffer.

Valuable lesson learnt and thankful for it. Sometimes our father sends us direction without us even knowing it. Question is, 'what are we going to do about?' Are we going to recognise it and take action? Or will you ignore him and press on down the spiral and eventually lose your way?

"By wisdom a household will be built up, and by discernment it will prove firmly established. And by knowledge will the interior rooms be filled with all precious and pleasant things of value.

One wise in strength is an able‐bodied man, and a man of knowledge is reinforcing power. For by skillful direction you will carry on your war, and in the multitude of counselors there is salvation." Proverbs 24:3-6

When life starts getting you down for no apparent reason, stop and reflect for a moment, perhaps the answer is not right in front of you it may be all around you. Take action, take a day to yourself and take care of stuff. Not to fix everything in one day but just to acknowledge and begin the process.

GUYS (men), make sure you listen attentively. Make sure you talk less than others and that you truly open yourself to taking counsel and be slow to react when doing so. Children are important people in fact, Jesus held children in higher regard than the apostles themselves. Listen to them and learn to take criticism and counsel from them also.

Strengthen your personal life, and your physical strength will increase exponentially.

With love and best wishes, your friend, Reuben. Kia kaha!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD10356350
    I love that you have the wisdom to listen to your family and act upon it before things get out of hand. Your family is blessed! emoticon
    2929 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13777271
    The wisdom in which you have handled the problems in you life and in your families life is inspirational. Thank you for sharing it.
    2929 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13474073
    How precious of what you did? Taking time, helping your wife as you both talked and talked over the concerns. Then having a discussion time with your children. How awesome. Do you have devotions with your family?
    I think it is awesome that men lead their families spiritually as well as all other ways.

    You seem like a role model for other men to look up to.

    God bless you my friend,
    2929 days ago
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