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My passion for carbs.....why are you soooo yummy?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Before I went to sub a class this morning at the Y, I stepped on the scale there,...big mistake. My scale at home has been broken and TTOM is looming, so you can guess my reaction...YIKES.
I LIVE for carbs...they are my comfort, my go to, my now "frienimy" Being in the fitness field for 20 years, I can spew nutrition til I'm blue in the face...and my main spew to anyone is ' ANY diet that eliminates and entire food group is not healthy". That said....I can live off carbs. Protein?? What's that?? I could go for days without "quality" protein touching my lips. So, I am a hypocrite because I am doing what I tell others NOT to do....I am eliminating many food groups not just protien.
My stategy now??? I know I cannot live without carbs, that would be silly. However, I CAN control WHEN I eat them. Breakfast is my most fav meal and I can eat it anytime. Cereal is lethal to me--even stale stuff works in a pinch. I can get my carb "fix" in the morning by eating oatmeal (steel cut, of course), add some fruit, a dab of peanut butter and a little protein powder, combine that with a hard boiled egg, Easy peasy....now for the rest of the day....here is where I crash and burn. Carbs are easy, pick up a chip or cracker and your good. You can drive eating carbs, but it's harder to drive eating a chicken leg,..lol. Lunch, especially at work will be a challenge..but I can overcome that by planning in a fruit and protein snack in between breakfast (I should mention breakfast is usually 5:45 am) and my lunch (which can be anywhere between 10-12:30). I know I should follow the 3 hr rule, but in my profession, that can be difficult, but worth trying, Drive home from work is 3:15, so another fruit/protein combo is fine....then I am home and all my good intentions go down the drain. This is where my passion for carbs comes alive....ahhhh...chips and dip...where have you been all day? Little Debbie's snack cake...you taste divine....I know, I know, don;t have them in the house and you won't eat them...that's fine if you are the only one who lives there. Not in my world.
Blogging this right now has really helped me see why I love carbs,,,,my constant craving of them is telling me I am missing all the other food groups, and if I would put the carn down and pick up a protein, my brain will be happy!
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    Bobbie, I agree with Karen, you might be getting enough protein as you do mostly cardio workouts so you don't need lots. I went to look at your sparkpeople tracker to check but you don't track there so I could not see what you get.

    Now if you eat cereal all day long, I doubt you are getting enough protein, but I am hoping you are eating more than that and chips/cupcakes at night.

    What helps is grab and go protein (and fats). We always have hard boiled eggs on hand. Chicken cubed you can eat as easily as crackers - you just need a wet nap available to wipe your hand afterwards. If you don't have time to cook there are some chicken breasts already cooked you could easily cut into bite sized pieces. We use nuts for protein/fat as they are very portable.

    I agree with Karen also about no junk food in the house is a great example for your kids. They don't need it anymore than you do so the rule can be small amounts eaten outside of the house only so nobody gets tempted. I grew up without junk food in the house and it didn't stunt my growth at all - lol.
    2851 days ago
    I think a lot of us women are carbaholics! I could totally live on veggies, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes!! I have been working in the field as a health educator for many years. I have studied Nutrition, but don't have a formal degree, only a certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. A couple of things stand out as I read this...

    1. We don't need as much protein as we have been lead to believe. By your description of foods you eat, you are getting a fair amount.

    2. Yes, fats and proteins help to satiate you more than carbs. SO, making your snacks maybe have a little of each, such as apple and peanut butter, or nuts and seeds, may help with your cravings.

    3. But most important is that the more unprocessed carbs (sugar, white flours, etc) we eat, the more we crave. Those cravings CAN be reduced. But this is an addiction. It requires weaning yourself from the "Great White Hazards" slowly over time. It is much easier that way.

    We can do this. I am still working on it myself. My cravings are less than they were, but they are not eliminated. Much more controllable though! Keep at it!

    Also, even though you have teenagers in the house, and a husband, they shouldn't be eating all that junk either, right? No one needs it, and we probably shouldn't be supporting the food manufacturer's that supply us with our drug! And we shouldn't be letting our kids get so addicted either! I realize it's easier said than done. Believe me, I do. But, you could approach it as something you really need help with and you really want to have the house free of temptations for you. Also, it helps you to be a good role model for your kids.

    Sorry I get really passionate about this stuff! Be CAMO strong! We can do this!
    2870 days ago
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    You have a good plan going! emoticon I was just like you with the carbs, then I did the Whole 30 last fall, and totally kicked the whole thing! I still like carbs, but I do not have the insatiable cravings that I used to have, and I eat a much more balanced diet these days.
    2969 days ago
  • APED7969
    I can definitely sympathise with you on the carbs! I don't try to cut them out, I just aim for healthy ones like you are. They don't have the same effect as the unhealthy ones on me. Thankfully I can keep them out of the house where I live. Not sure what to suggest if you can't, except I made the rule that if it isn't good for me it isn't good for my husband so he's not eating it. And if he really wants crackers or muesli bars they have to be a type I don't like so I won't be as tempted. He might not like it but it works for me :-)
    2978 days ago
  • LIZ324_NYC
    I can totally relate......being a carboholic myself!
    What is working for me right now is having all my carbs at breakfast and lunch. No bread pasta or rice (my devil) at dinner. This way I don't feel deprived.
    2978 days ago
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