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Gluten and other things

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My sister is having me try an experiment by trying to go gluten free for a week or so. She definitely is gluten intolerant and gets pain and inflammation from wheat and corn. My cousin had a lot of inflammation and used an elimination diet called Abascal Way. She now doesn't eat wheat and some other things and has gone from being in chronic pain to pain free.

My sister thinks because we are related I may share this gluten sensitivity but I doubt that I am. I really don't eat a lot of wheat or crave it but I am substituting my piece of squirrely bread (high fibre) for gluten free oat bread. I also bought gluten free flour to thicken soups with and gluten free pizza crusts and quinoa pasta. Gluten free products are expensive and I learned on Dr. Oz that you should watch the sugar in prepared products because it is usually high. My sister's theory is that gluten causes our middles to bloat from inflammation. A theory shared by others.We both carry weight there.

She is also trying to get me off artificial sweeteners. I know Dr. Oz doesn't like them because your body thinks you are consuming sugar and acts accordingly so it messes with your insulin. I am trying a plant based sweetener called Xylitol. I know Splenda the artificial sweetener I used to use made me want to eat sweets. For the last couple of days I haven't craved them so maybe it is working. My middle also seems to have gone down.

I don't know. There is this book called, "Wheat Belly" that claims that the bread we eat today is not like the kind we had in the 1950s because wheat is genetically modified and reacts differently in our bodies now. It is a very popular book and has made a lot of people jump on the gluten free band wagon.

The only drawback of my sister trying to help me is that she talks a lot about the food and what I should eat. Of course, I have to log in my food but I really try not to dwell on what I eat or don't eat because it makes me obsess about food. I just really want to eat healthy and not overly focus on it.
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  • no profile photo CD14026830

    Like you, I use artificial sweetener. It's so hard to know definitively if it's good or bad!
    It the only side effect is that it could encourage a person to crave sweet foods, then for me it's a non-issue. If it truly causes cancer then I would seriously limit or even totally stop consuming it. It's so hard when there seem to be overwhelming "statistics" on both sides!
    I hope your sister's eating plan works well for her, but I tend to agree with you that just because you are sisters that doesn't mean you share the exact same digestive chemistry, etc.
    2957 days ago
    It will be interesting to hear what the results of your test tell you.
    I agree with you on the having to concentrate too much on food just makes me hungry. AND, as soon as I put something on the "Banned" list... you guessed it. It is the one thing I really truly want to eat.
    Good luck with your experiment. emoticon emoticon
    2958 days ago
    I'm GF and definite;y can tell a difference. The doctor said though that it could take up to a month for you to tell a difference and suggests to get off of it for at least 3 weeks. She said sometimes just going off of wheat, not necessarily all of gluten can help too.
    Good lock! Can't wait to hear how it goes!
    2958 days ago
    It's a good idea to try to go gluten free and see how how you feel.'

    I don't know where everyone buys this gluten free flour. I have tried looking all over for it. When I ask where people buy it, they say you should be able to find it at your local grocery store but that is not so. I have checked Wal-Mart, Target, Stater bros. and and a couple small little Mexican markets. Still, this gluten free flour is nowhere to be found. If I could find it, I would definitely give it a try!

    Enjoy your gluten free week! :)

    2958 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    I read the Wheat Belly Book.
    I did the wheat belly diet for a month.
    Results: I'm not intolerant to wheat and I binged anyways.

    But for me it was a great help for my binge eating because I had a lot of ah ha! moments and I realized that food is not the problem, what's in my head is. emoticon

    Try it, then you'll no for sure. emoticon emoticon
    2958 days ago
  • 1EMMA2011
    Interesting blog! I can't wait to hear how this turns out. I have the book you mentioned and really need to read it.

    It's a beautiful day here. Thinking of you!

    2958 days ago
    It is hard because they say everything we eat is bad for us...I think we all have to see what works and doesn't work for ourselves.
    2958 days ago
    By all means, check and see if it works for you. Actually though - one of the things that attracted me to Spark in the first place was that it did not ban any foods. For me, as soon as they say "no more of this" -- that' s what I'm wanting! lol What is most important though -- is that we find what works for us. Keep us posted! emoticon
    2958 days ago
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