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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Yup, it's those few days of the month where I turn into a hormone-crazed lunatic. My best friend was cracking up over the phone because I just went on this angry diatribe about idiot drivers - a complete overreaction to a few morons in a parking lot. TOM affects everyone differently, but for me getting emotional is the worst.

So I let myself have a cheat day, because I was already planning on going out to lunch with my best friend. That didn't end up happening, we decided on dinner instead, but I was all ready to eat, so I went and bought candy. I bought Reeses, which I usually LOVE, and were one of my biggest problem foods. And halfway through eating them I just kind of realized that they're nowhere near as good as I used to think they were. I kept flashing back to my dinner last night - a simple mix of chicken, skim mozzarella, and veggies. And I realized that I'd much rather be eating that right now.

But, conversely, I'm glad that it's that TOM, because it helps me avoid the emotional overeating. Figuring out the root cause is always the hardest part, but when I can blame it on TOM it makes it that much easier to talk myself out of it, and go work out instead. BFF suggested Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, god bless him - it's a healthy buffet, lots of fruits and veggies and salads. That's excellent by me, because it's halfway through the day and I'm already over the cheat day. Candy tasted kinda good, but it didn't bring me any sort of emotional satisfaction (what a shock!). A big healthy salad for dinner is just what I need to get me back on track and start fresh again tomorrow - new day, new week, and new plan to step up my workouts, too! I've been slacking since SparkPeople Bootcamp ended, but no more. Time to put on the big girl panties. As someone on Instagram said this morning: "Your excuses are stupid." No matter what they are, they're excuses, and they're stupid. I refuse to fall back into that hole.

(As a side note, I find it funny that this is basically the same entry I made last month - almost exactly to the day. I don't think I realized before just how much TOM really does affect my emotions and my eating. I'm lucky enough that it doesn't severely affect me in any way, so I've never really had to keep track. When it comes, it comes, I deal with it, and it's done. But now that I realize what a monkey wrench it seems intent on throwing into my healthy eating plans, I want to be prepared next month, see it coming and head it off at the pass. Aug 5, I'm looking at you. You don't have anyone fooled.)
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