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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Finally starting to get the hang of yoga. I wasn't sure how into it I'd be, but I'm really growing to like it! The biggest challenge was figuring out how to transition from one pose into another, because the app I'm using didn't make that very clear. But YouTube was a big help with that, and now the Sun Salutation routine is fun! I'm thinking of incorporating it into my post-run stretching - I basically did today, just a few poses rather than the entire routine. Probably going to move onto the next routine tomorrow.

This morning I woke up with a ton of energy, and in fact, was itching to run. This does not happen to me - though I work the early shift at work, I am quite notoriously NOT a morning person. I've been getting way better about my sleep habits, so maybe that's helping, but whatever the case I decided to work out early. Also unusual - I prefer early evening, when it's cooler outside. But that gives you a potentially very small window of time - hottest part of the day is 3-4ish, but that's also when the storms tend to hit. So you can wait it out, but once it starts getting dark it's not safe anymore (ESPECIALLY in my area.) Early morning is not always feasible, given I'm usually at work, but I need to take advantage of it when I can. Not to mention I just need to suck it up and get used to running in the heat sometimes, because when I run events they're not going to be in the off-hours. I live in Florida, trying to avoid the heat is just silly when you think about it.

I tired out quicker than I anticipated, mainly due to my body not being used to the extreme heat anymore - this is the first year I haven't been working outdoors. Today was Week 6, Day 3 of C25K, aka the dreaded 20-minute run. And I didn't think I could do it. I was at 6 minutes and felt like I was dying. But I just kept pushing myself, a few minutes at a time. I thought ok, I'll go for 10, when the halfway alarm sounds. Then I'll go for 12, which is the longest I've ever run at one time before. If I could do that on Sunday, I could do that today. Then I figured I might as well make it a round number, I'll go to 15. Might as well go for a few more minutes, wait for the 1-minute alarm. And then it's silly not to go for that last minute. It was hell, and I was exhausted, but I DID IT. And not only did I do it, but I walked for 1/2 hour beforehand, and walked another 1/2 hour afterwards. One trick I like to utilize is to walk 1/2 hour away from my apartment, then run a loop around a housing complex. By the time I'm done there, I kind of HAVE to walk that 1/2 hour again, if I want to get home. And then, nearly to my complex, I randomly felt like running again. So I tacked on another few minutes, just because.

Leaving me at a grand total of 65 minutes of walking, and 23 of running.


The most exciting part is that I'm now 75% finished with C25K. This is the furthest in the program I've ever made it! I have a race coming up in November (and POTENTIALLY one in October, we'll see. Only thing stopping me is money - or, rather lack thereof), but I have plenty of time in-between then and now to build up to running even more at a time. Since I'm running for time right now rather than distance, I think once I'm done with C25K I'll spend a week or 2 just running 3 miles, making sure I'm comfortable with that distance, whatever pace it is that I need to run at. This is thankfully made very easy with the wonderful paved trail that runs right through town, and is clearly marked every 1/2 mile. After that I'd like to move into the Bridge to 10K program, but. One step at a time.

I'm just absolutely ecstatic, and feeling SO good today. Came home and made an avocado protein smoothie, then in a bit I'm having (healthy!) pancakes for lunch, followed by a light dinner with some aloe juice (FAVORITE OMG). It's always good to reflect on the good moments, when I'm thoroughly enjoying my healthy lifestyle, so that I can come back when I'm getting discouraged.

Then perhaps the most exciting part of today was that I followed up with a friend, M, after a conversation with my BFF on Saturday. Apparently M likes to run, and likes to run crazy events like obstacle runs and the Run For Your Lives zombie run! That is like the best news I have heard in a LONG time! Since switching jobs, I have lost all of my old buddies that were runners, so anymore I really don't have any friends that are into fitness at all. And what's nice is that M is very much on my level - we're about the same size, and she's just barely ahead of me as far as how long she can run at a time. She's also just a wonderfully sweet person, and a giant nerd like me, and generally a joy to be around. So I'm really really happy to have found someone I can talk to and commiserate with about running. I'm currently trying to get her to do the Armageddon Ambush with me in November, which would be AWESOME, because right now I'm pretty much going it alone, as my usual partner in crime will be in New York that weekend. If not that event specifically, we agreed that we should definitely run SOMETHING together, even if its just a local 5k. Actually, I believe I have a found a local company that SPECIALIZES in mud/obstacle runs! Based right out of my town! I'm definitely looking into that.

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    I know what you're talking about with the heat. I also run out of energy earlier when I run in heat.
    It's going to be a great day here in the North East! Have a good day wherever you are!
    2904 days ago
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