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Thursday, July 11, 2013

BLW originally alluded to the change, which I had not heard about. She posted a blog entry yesterday with the link to the Spark announcement:


So thanks to her for that!

I immediately liked the idea and signed up right away. Here's why:

While I use my Fitbit to keep track of my activity, I use the Spark nutrition tracker (SNT) to keep track of my food. Spark communicates with the Fitbit page and sends nutrition information over to the Fitbit website. But this is where it can be problematic: What happens when I inadvertently enter 4 servings of ice cream when I only had one? On my SNT it is easily remedied by clicking and changing the number of servings. But the Fitbit website now shows FIVE servings of ice cream. The Fitbit website doesn't acknowledge any changes or deletions, only entries.

As a result, unless double-check food entries between the two sites, the Fitbit "countdown of calories" is useless. AND, who wants to keep track of the same thing in two different places? I barely feel like I have enough time to spend on Spark!

Here's what it looks like today, after my exercise and lunch:

Pretty cool, huh? I now know at a glance how many calories I can eat while taking into account my activity, and still be in range to lose weight.

My usual modus operandi is to eat at the low end of my allotted calories and NEVER take into account any exercise. As a long-range strategy this doesn't work -- I'm always hungry and after a few days I'm bingeing because I'm not eating enough. So this is a tool that will really work for me. I'm LOVING this!

PS -- you don't need a Fitbit or other device that "communicates" with Spark...you can also indicate your level of activity and it will still give you your countdown.

Are you going to make the change? What do you think? I think Spark just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER!

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  • no profile photo CD6312736
    For people who really are into that type of tracking, I'm sure it's a help and very handy. To be honest, I'm not that "handy" with that sort of thing, and currently don't plan on getting that way - so it's one more option that I'm going to let slide. It may be useful in the future, but for now, I'm just happy keeping on with what I've already got going.

    Glad it's working for you - and wishing you the best!

    2934 days ago
    Ooooh... thnx for posting this- I hadn't noticed it.
    I seem to be chronically undereating for my activity level- why I am struggling to lose wt.

    2937 days ago
    My daughter just gave me a fitbit and I love the fact that my spark nutrition shows up. I did, however quickly realize that the fitbit nutrition wasn't counting the changes I made on spark nutrition. So if I am careful to make any changes on my phone to both fitbit and aprk, I should be OK.
    2937 days ago
    I love it too!
    2937 days ago
    I haven't ventured into the FitBit world yet ... maybe someday. Keep up your awesome work!
    2938 days ago
    I read about it and thought it sounded great. However, I'm the one who always lollygags around, waiting to hear feedback from others who try the new choices. I'll likely do it... in a few days or so. :D
    2938 days ago
    The new Spark system sounds good in theory, but I can see where it's not for me. I'm working with calories and exercise over time -- there's nothing magical about a 24-hour period. The day that I'm exercising more is not necessarily the day that I want to be digesting extra food. Increased physical exercise seems to suppress my appetite for a bit. I don't see any proof that I need to eat more calories on that very day.

    I'm not an expert on nutrition and digestion, but it makes sense to me that food needs time to digest before my body can use it to provide energy, or build muscle, or take root in my fat cells. My general pattern is to eat at the top of my range and exercise a bit less during the weekend and reverse that during the week. It works for me and I've been at/below goal weight for several months.

    I LOVE that Spark is not a one-size-fits-all program! There's lots of flexibility and information so we can learn what works for each of us.
    2938 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/11/2013 5:10:49 PM
    Thanks for posting the link.
    Though I log in every day I haven't been all that active on SP recently and I've missed this.
    Have even been slacking on wearing my fitbit for the past month or so.
    I switched over and will start wearing fitbit again :)
    2938 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    The change sounds like a good thing, but I'm going to wait awhile before switching over. I'll see what the community thinks about it overall in about a month. I've already read where someone regrets switching to the new nutrition tracker. emoticon
    2938 days ago
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