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Calories in, Calories out..... What, really???

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I get so sick of hearing people say "calories in, calories out - it's simple math." Well, guess what - it's not simple math - it just show the ignorance of the person talking.


For some people, yes, it is just that simple and if it was for me - I'd have hit my goal years ago and been able to maintain it.

I was always athletic and was in good shape, never had to watch what I ate. Then I graduated college and got a job where I traveled 95% of the time. Woo-wee, plane flights, hotels, per diem, good food and too exhausted to hit the gym -that's when it hit me :( and it took me 6 years to realize WHAT hit me - yikes!!!

So, since then I have tried anything and everything to lose weight, the only time I was successful, besides the Atkins diet, was when I was working out 3 hours a day, but after 8 months of that and only losing 40 lbs, (which I was excited about), I got burned out and could not maintain that intensity any longer and just QUIT all together. I didn't work out for almost 2 years.

Before that 2 years, I found out I had a wheat/gluten allergy -that sucks! I was off wheat for 3 years, until I went to Europe, I was good the first 2 weeks, but the 3rd week, we went to Italy and, well, When in Rome :). Anyway, I didn't get back off wheat until about 2 weeks ago, again. Even though I felt better getting off the wheat - more energy, better nights sleep, it didn't help me to lose weight.

I finally went to the Dr. and am having a full blood panel done to determine why I have not lost any weight - he has a list of exactly what I have been eating the last several weeks and all of my workouts. I am concerned that my thyroid may be the cause. I had blood tests 5 years ago and was told that I was hypothyroid - but I take nothing for it. I am not a fan of medications. Hopefully, if it is thyroid I can get it working in a natural healthy way.

I am not going to quit my personal training sessions, I know I am building muscle, so once I shed the fat - you should be able to see some toned body parts :). Plus, I feel really great.

We shall see how it goes. The moral of the story; everyone one has a different body type and different issues they have to deal with when it comes to their body weight. Whether it's emotional, mental , physical, chemical - who knows. Don't be discouraged by people who don't know what they are talking about. Eventually with the hard work, the good diet and finding ways to get our bodies healthy and functioning properly, things will start to change and people will take notice.

Be encouraged, it might take a lot of figuring out, but it will happen!

Blessings, Dena
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    Keep it up! Find out what is happening with your metabolism, and keep on doing what it takes to be healthy: deal with the thyroid as best you can, make good nutrition choices, exercise....be persistent! You've shown you can do it before, you can do it again! Only this time you will be better armed - knowing more what is going on with your body and your metabolism!


    I have read of natural ways of dealing with hypothyroidism. I'm sure you will find a solution!

    2901 days ago
    Amen Dena! I gained weight following WW very strictly and was devastated.. I felt like such a LOSER (in a bad way).. I mean EVERYONE is successful on WW... for me, eating Paleo has changed my life but that's another story.. I was just wondering if you've ever had your metabolism tested? I had mine tested 4 weeks ago ... and it was 1400 calories.. based on my age, height weight, etc. Spark and everyone else had me at a BMR of 2000 calories but I have a SLOW metabolism... so Spark keeps telling me to up my calories based on a FORMULA not based on what my body actually needs.. my point is, when possible, know your own numbers! Because what you say is so true.. we are all different... and we respond to food differently... and our bodies may be releasing unreal levels of cortisol which will impact weight loss.. or (oh you'll love this) you can look forward to menopause cuz that will really impact your metabolism.. there's a ton of stuff

    So, GOOD FOR YOU.. do what's right for you and there will be people around to support you ... (waving hand) look I"m here! GO GIRL!
    2901 days ago
    You are so right - persistence always pays off
    2901 days ago
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