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Perking Along...and a Question

Saturday, July 20, 2013

TC and I walked up Mt. Nebo this morning. Lots of people do it; park at the bottom and walk up the road (with lots of switchbacks) to the top. It's 1,800 feet elevation gain in 2.5 miles. About halfway up I was falling behind and was really laboring. I asked TC what his heart rate was, and it was 110!! So he passed me his watch and I took my heart rate -- 153!! After a minute of rest it was down to 135, while his was 108. So what's up with THAT? I'm 8 years younger! Yes, I have 15 pounds to lose to get to a "healthy" BMI and he only has 5. But really?

The only other factors I can think of is that he has always been an athlete (high school/college basketball star and a basketball coach for 15 years) while I have never done sports...EVER. Maybe he just has a more fit cardiovascular system in general? The other factor is that I smoked for 30 years and he has never smoked. However, I quit 11 years ago so...shouldn't my lungs & heart be back to "normal?"

This difference in heart rate (fitness level?) has caused strife in the past when he pushes me to run longer/faster. Yeah. He thinks it's mental, but I think it's PHYSICAL!

So tell me what you think!

Last week was AWESOME. I stuck to my eating plan, between 1200-1700 calories. I went to the fitness center 5 days:

Monday - 60-minute bike class
Tuesday - 75-minute cardio pump class,
Wednesday - 75-minute Step and Sculpt class
Thursday - 75 minute power pump class
Friday - 65 minute Pilates class

In addition, I restarted a 5K training program, so I did the Week 1 program three days. When I did this last spring my body really started to change shape, so I want to try it again.

My goal is to get 15,000 steps each day, so some days that means I have to walk on the treadmill, and other days I'm good between the 5k program and my fitness class.

I'm not stressing about the scale, I'm working out a lot so hopefully I'm building muscle and losing fat, which is waaaayy more important than a number.

Only two weeks until we leave for Colorado to hike! So I've got to stay focused and motivated!

I hope you have a good day, Spark friends!
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  • no profile photo CD6312736
    Definitely check with your doctor - you've got several people here giving you the same advice, so I'm not going to belabor the issue. Simply put - do what you can do, and if TC wants to do more, tell him you'll meet him at the top of the hill! Take the pace that your body will allow. Yes, you should push A LITTLE - but not OVERpush. And on "this side of the hill", there may be a fine line between the two. You don't want to cause any new problems!

    Great that you and TC are able to do so many things together! Enjoy the rest of the summer - and do it safely!


    2927 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I am going to echo what the others have said... talk to your doctor and have him check it out and put to rest any concerns. You are going to Peru soon and those high elevations can stress a body so you want to make sure you are in tip top shape for it. Besides it is easier to get checked out here than in the Peruvian mountains.

    2927 days ago
    I don't have any advice worth listening to about the heart rate but I do know about how frustrating it can be to have a fitness buddy who doesn't have to work as hard as I do and yet can easily accomplish more than I can and better! I tend to get frustrated when he goes faster and I lag behind but I apply the same logic I use on our motorcycles. I have to do what is right and appropriate for me. If he wants to run, walk or ride faster, that's ok ... Once I remember it's ok, then all is well! emoticon
    2928 days ago
    There are a bunch of things that can spike your heart rate. Were you breathing normally as you hiked? Holding your breath (unconsciously) can be a problem. You're not on any medications are you? I think we're about the same age (well, maybe I'm older, you're definitely cuter). My heart rates reaches that high when I'm running. I think it's a good sign that the rate dropped so quickly.

    I think it's awesome that you two are so well matched in your activities, even if you're at slightly different fitness levels.

    Best wishes with your 5k training! I found a real difference in my body when I started running. My program was much more gradual than the regular c25k stuff I've seen, but that's what I needed to succeed.
    2928 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I suggest speaking with your doctor. You do much more activity than I do & I'm younger than you, but I bet you every dollar I have that you are healthier than I am. You're doing a great job!! emoticon emoticon
    2928 days ago
    I think you're doing terrific: but if you have any questions about the heart rate differential, maybe your doctor can explain it? Especially if it's worrying you . . .
    2928 days ago
    I am sooo impressed by your activity level! How do you do it??????? That said, as one person already noted, there is more that goes into cardio vascular health than weight and exercise. At least you know that you are doing the best that you can for yourself with your diet and exercise.
    2928 days ago
    There is one other variable you didn't mention.... gender. Men have more male hormones... obviously... which means they develop muscles more easily and muscle tissue uses energy more efficiently. Also, I am surprised his HR didn't come down more than it did. Your drops shows a relatively efficient cardio-vascular system.
    Just remind him of how different your physical efforts are than before and know that men sometimes just have to feed their egos!
    2928 days ago
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