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WOW So happy I lost more weight!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I was going to write about my zen hot tub experience, or my spiritual/fitness retreat over the weekend at Tahoe, or about how I am loving swimming 2 hours a day, but instead I want to write about losing 7 more pounds yesterday at the doctor!

I am really pleased, I was driving to the doctor yesterday after 2 hours of water exercise and I really was having some mental obsession time going on between my ears ~ I kept thinking, OK I don't think I have lost more weight, Ok I probably did NOT lose any more weight, but maybe I did not gain any too, well, if I did gain ok at least I still do not have to take insulin anymore, and maybe I did lose a little weight, but I don't feel like I have, I don't know, I don't know, I don't freaking KNOW!!!!

By the time I got to the doctor I was pretty worked up, and I had to WAIT! It was agony. About 45 minutes of waiting, more mental gymnastics of the negative nature, people kept getting called in who arrived after me, I finally told the receptionist, I have been here 45 minutes, I think they forgot me, of all days! Exasperation!!!!

So I got called in and got my shingles shot, yep it is time now to do that, ugh, I do not like shots, never have, that's why 4 injections of insulin per day were so hard for me!

Finally after the shot I went to get on the scale I always weigh on, and never more than 1 time a month and ONLY for accountability..... and I practically cart wheeled off the scale, I had lost 7 more pounds! WOO HOO! Golly, I said out loud, I lost 7 more pounds, I was sooooooo surprised.

I have been building muscle, its now all over my body, we do weight training right in the water daily, and over the weekend in Tahoe I did not swim at all, too cold, so between no exercise for 3 days and a heavy dinner the night before (all Paleo tho) at Outback I was SURE I had blown any chance of losing weight, but nope, I lost 7 more, so now in 4 months I have lost 27 pounds, which I am very pleased with, I don't want to lose it any quicker than this, in a couple of years I may be able to lose the majority of what I need to lose, maybe, who knows.

What I do know if I feel about 100% better and my diabetes is now under control for the first time in about 20 years and I am doing better, one day at a time.

Thank YOU!!!! World, people, program, God, friends, family, swimming, paleo, prayer and more!

Love, Jill

About 10 days ago, playing guitar with my 3 buddies, so much good fun!!!
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