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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today was grocery day!!!!
I sat down and planned out my meals for the week....
Tweaked and re-tweaked my list......
Nothing was allowed on my list that wasn't healthy!
Carefully in my mind I plotted my adventure.....
Aisle by aisle in my head...cause I know my local grocery better than most of their employees!! Come on, you probably do too! Just think about it...
I always use the same route every time I go, cause I have always bought the same ol' items!!!! But not this time!!!
I knew that I would have to treat it different if I was going to buy the healthy items from my new list! So I tried to play by play the shopping out in my mind!! That made it a challenge!!!
I love challenges!! They keep me on my game!
Finally I was ready!!! I felt like I was on a mission!!!
With list in my hand I headed to the store.......
All the way to the store....12 miles away...lots of time to think......
I kept playing it out in my mind over and over again...
I was determined that I wasn't gonna let the store control me with all their sale gimmicks, and strategically placed items that love to tempt their way into my basket...No sir, Not today!!!
I got this!!!!!
(to be continued.....)

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