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Playing by the numbers

Friday, September 06, 2013

Gotta confess, math is not my forte. Or at least that's what I've always told myself. I did fine all the way through Algebra, then Geometry was really confusing.

Pause Button: HOLY CRAP. I just had to call my MD's (Major Dick's) office AGAIN because this a$$ hat STILL can't get it right. Please, someone tell me, if you take a med EVERY SINGLE DAY and you need TWO of them for it to work, then how many pills do you need for a month? LOL just realized I was talking about math before I hit the pause button, how ironic. The point being, my SEVEN YEAR OLD can do this math, for her I'd have to break it down to what is 30+30, but she could do it IN HER FREAKING CUTE LITTLE HEAD!! My 10 year old could tell me 30x2. My STRUGGLING WITH SCHOOL 9 year old CAN DO THIS MATH and trust me I'm not being cruel, but math is REALLY hard for her and it is a struggle to do some stuff that most of think is really easy. Not my PA (Pain in the Ass). No, he thinks the answer is 30. 2 weeks worth of meds. HOLY CRAP I HATE THIS OFFICE!!!!!!!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming, now that I've demonstrated I can do basic math the rest of my point is going to be easier to get to-lol. Anywho....I CAN do basic math, higher functions sometimes baffle me and don't ever make me think about angles and geometry logic is far outside my reach and I'm a pretty logical person. Being able to do basic math I am dumbfounded as to why I feel like I'm reading Greek when I try to decipher nutrition information. Why oh why is it SO hard to understand kcals and mg and g and oz and when they say that sugar shouldn't be more than a certain percentage of your calories do they mean the CALORIES or the GRAMS?!?!?!?

If I were the type of person who cussed easily I'd insert a doozy here, but I'm not. Holy Crap, a$$ hat, and pain in the ass, kind of covers my repertoire. I'm convinced that for MY PARTICULAR set of circumstances healthy. lower fat, lean protein is my friend. Sugar is Hitler and must be hunted down and dealt with. Grains need to play an entirely different role than ever before. Not eliminated, per se, at least not yet, but ONLY whole grains, ONLY in their most natural forms and much more limited than previously, both in amounts and time of day consumed. Carbs of any sort were my go to evening munchies. Unfortunately, that could be chips, sugary treats, or crackers with a smear of something (something like Nutella or cheese depending on mood). In any case I HAVE to learn how to do the math. I have to figure out what the numbers mean so that I can do the math.

Maybe I'm weird, but I remember A LOT about my Algebra 1 class. I remember wondering how I'd ever figure out how letters fit into math, but I learned and it made sense and it still makes sense every time I see a problem involving letters, as long as it isn't too advanced-lol.

Today I feel like I'm looking at one of the boards in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment and I'm Penny. So, hopefully, the more I put these pieces together, the more I track and actually "do the math" the easier it'll become. After all, that's almost word for word what I told my daughter as I helped her with her math last night. The more you do it the easier it gets to understand. Time to take my own advice. :)
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  • no profile photo CD6784549
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2888 days ago
    That business with the Dr.'s office sounds SO FRUSTRATING.

    The sugar/carbs thing would be percentage by calories, I believe. So if I had 1500 calories yesterday, and ate 60 grams of sugar (a guess - I have no idea). That would be 240 calories from sugar (4 calories per gram) and 240 is 16% of 1500.

    I think. emoticon
    2889 days ago
    You CAN do it!!! Natural is good...processed is bad. That's a pretty good guideline (not that I always take it myself! LOL)

    Time to kick the eating into high gear!! Just remember to pass along what you learn! :-D
    2889 days ago
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