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I'm turning into my grandma.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today I feel like my grandma. Normally this wouldn't be a terrible thing. My grandma was an incredibly talented person who dedicated her life to teaching music. Not a bad life. She was devoted to her husband and she raised some pretty awesome children. She had just one major issue. Of all the wonderful things her grandchildren remember about her we also laughingly remember that she was, above all other things, a hypochondriac.

She adored Marcus Welby, MD and was guilty of coming down with the disease of the week. She had her real ailments, among them, she once had a shingles outbreak that caused me to fear this illness from an early age and she died with Alzheimer's, not knowing who those around her were.

One of my earliest memories of my grandma was her pill bottles. She had this collection of 28 or 30 or so pill bottles. They were lovely pill bottles. Clear glass with a glass top and rubber stopper. At the start of each month she sat down and filled each bottle with her "medicine" and she would faithfully empty each pill bottle, one a day for the month. I think she also had a pill sorter for other things she had to take. I still have no idea what all went in the bottles. Some things were OTC others prescribed. I think I can identify one of her pills as Vitamin E. I remember the clear, oval pill and think, now that I've seen Vitamin E that it very much resembled that.

She spent a lot of her life believing she had one ailment or another. The family's favorite illness that she had a chronic case of, was "morningitis". That was its official name, "morningitis". Mornings made her physically ill. It wasn't that she didn't go to bed at a decent hour, it was morning itself. We fondly remember these quirks. They were a part of what made up grandma and we all love/d her dearly. She was a wonderful grandma, but a bit quirky.

Today I was at the local health food store and looking at all the MANY bottles of pills, vitamins, minerals, oils, homeopathic remedies and more. I was AMAZED at the variety of things available. I knew I was after a few certain items, but could see where I could easily get sucked in until I was filling little pill bottles at the beginning of the month and taking an entire bottle of pills every single day. As it is this is where I'm at right now, these are the things I've researched and looked into and decided have a really good chance of actually helping my health. Things where the evidence is stronger than anecdotal. As of today here are the pills I swallow...Thyroid as prescribed by MD, Vitamin D as prescribed by MD (dosage is high-ish and knocked me on my butt, still wondering about that one) Fish Oil (with a nice citrus flavor added), Vitamin B-12, and Cranberry. Next paycheck (this stuff is expensive) I'll be adding one more for thyroid support. SHEESH. Can you see where I'm starting to feel like my grandma?!

The thing I keep telling myself is that I'm not taking pills because I am sick (although in a way I am), but because I want to be healthy. Beyond that though I am looking at the supplements to be just that, supplements. They are not in place of nutrition, but to enhance it. My grandma dieted quite well, but her day to day food consumption wasn't exactly what we would consider nutritious now. Her house was definitely a meat and potatoes house.

While it is a bit of a struggle and I've pinpointed a fondness for cheese that HAS to change, I am not depending on pills to save me. I am taking on a multi-front war. I'm attacking from all sides.

I'm doing fairly well at cutting sugar. I've kept caloric beverages at bay. I'm resisting MOST sugary snacks/desserts. I'm not living in a desert so Monday night is dessert night, where I get to indulge without too much guilt as long as it is ONE serving of something luxurious. Tonight hubs made a chocolate cream pie. My piece was exactly that, ONE piece, not half the pie. Dinner was baked potato bar. I had a small tater, didn't eat the entire thing and supplemented with a HUGE serving of the MOST delicious salad. Kale, quinoa, pistachios for crunch, dried cranberries and a little feta (see there's that cheese again, considering I had a bit of cheese at lunch (bad planning) and a little more on my baked potato, it was cheese overkill today) all topped with a HOMEMADE dressing. Yes, I did it. I made my very own dressing for my salad. It was SO yum!! I read it wrong and accidentally put one TABLESPOON of mustard instead of one TEASPOON of mustard. It turned out DELISH though. I guess I really like mustard-lol. I just need to plan better and limit my cheese and then limit myself to the fresher type cheeses like feta, goat, and mozzarella. I'm planning meals more and fewer items are coming from a box.

It isn't a war won in one day, but I'm pushing the line of attack forward and finding that I don't enjoy taking pills, even ones that are pretty colors (my vitamin D is a gorgeous green, I told hubs it's like swallowing an emerald), but I DO enjoy kale. The stuff is downright yummy. I don't enjoy fish oil, even caps that smell pretty because they have citrus added, but I DO enjoy Kefir. I don't enjoy cooking, but I DO enjoy digging through cookbooks and internet sites looking for things my family will enjoy and planning the meals. I also enjoy when they tell me the really like something new. I don't enjoy having to cook breakfast. I DO enjoy the thought of a warm bowl of steel cut oats (which I MUCH prefer over instant oatmeal) sprinkled with a SMALL portion of dried fruit (fruit=good, dried fruit=concentrated sugar, so less has to be more), just enough to add sweetness without sugar and flavor without chemicals.

So many things to enjoy I think I can tolerate being like my grandma in the one way I never thought I would accept (just a little though, I still don't have a need for 30 pill bottles to sort my collection). :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It definitely sounds like you are on the right track!!

    I really enjoy oatmeal too now that I've found Steel Cut Oats...did you know that it keeps really great in the refrigerator for a week!?!? I make a batch on Sunday and then separate into bowls. Then when I come to work I just have to grab a bowl, add some water as I like it a thinner consistency, heat for 1 minute, stir, heat for another 30 seconds and voila! Steel Cut Oatmeal without the wait and without the waste! (Seeing how I cook 1 cup oats to 3 cups water...that is a LOT of oatmeal and I couldn't even imagine trying to figure out how to cook a single serving).

    You're doing great - keep pushing the line forward!
    2885 days ago
    Good luck with improving your nutrition in aims of improving your health. One tip that I have found works well for me is that I give all of my dried fruit a quick, rough chop before adding it to salads, baked goods, or as a topping for oatmeal, etc. I find that I actually prefer the smaller bits, as I dislike the texture of partially re-hydrated fruit in larger amounts, and I get to taste a little bit of the fruit and its added sweetness more often. I will often do the same with nuts for an extended crunch.
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12124611
    Laughed out loud at this, I think we all copy our parents and grandparents more than we know. I love cheese and have stopped eating it because I could eat pounds of the stuff, and all different kinds. Also laughed at you and desserts. I have an incredible sweet tooth, last night I had a small piece of heaven - chocolate. So did your grandma enjoy her pleasures in small portions too? Have a good week and thanks for a great blog emoticon
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6784549
    Sounds like you're taking care of yourself Heather and learning some things from a loved relative- can;t be bad!
    Have a good day emoticon
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9963395
    Nothing wrong with that!
    2885 days ago
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