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Gluten Free or GMO Free?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I have a theory on this Gluten-free thing.

This disease "just" came on in the last ten or fifteen years as we all are aware. Whoever heard of this in the 1980's and past? No one.

Well, the GMO experiment on our lives and health began in the early 1990's. None of these frankenfoods have ever been tested on any humans. They are just watching to see who gets sick. Look it up on the government sites and you will see many things in this "wait and see if anyone gets sick" category .

I got Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2000 and I had a doctor tell me to go GMO free in 2002 (God Bless him). I consider myself lucky to get away only as sick as I am.

Now that GMO stuff is in everything. it's in all prepared foods in America. If you are avoiding wheat but eating canned soup, etc. you are still getting all kinds of junk that contributes to "leaky gut" etc.

I recently encountered a person who travels to Europe several times a year for extended stays. In Europe he can eat whatever he wants without thinking about it and he does not get sick. When he comes back to America he has to be strictly organic and GMO free if he doesn't want to get ill to the point of bed rest on each return.

I've had at least twenty conversations about this Gluten free gmo free thing in the last month. I have never had a problem with gluten and I don't eat that much any more, so this is not an issue I have looked into.

I'm counting on my sparkies to please give me some knowledge, links or any information on this topic.

Thank you!

I'm still working on my two years at goal post. Stay tuned; it's a good one. I love you all

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    2823 days ago
    Ok, I'll give you my two cents worth emoticon I'm so glad you asked! LOL
    I have been using myself and the food I eat as sort of an "experiment of one". Here are my observations:
    I noticed that certain foods would cause intestinal distress pretty quickly after consumption and they are all the "grainy-bready" things. If I consumed them over a period of time my face would also start to break out, specifically around my lips and chin (weird).
    After I had knee surgery, I ate whatever, whenever (I was truly awful). When I was done with the pain medication and starting back to work, I was in pain from head to toe. I really felt like my body was attacking me from inside out. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. From my desk I had to stand up slowly and walk very slowly, everything hurt. I was still not eating very healthy.
    On Monday Sept 16, (last week), I started eating super clean. I mean I ate real food, no gluten, no sugar, only a splash of cream in my morning coffee. Chicken, beef, shrimp and fish with vegetables. Within 3 days, my inflammation had cleared up and I am pain free. I feel sugar was a big culprit also since I was eating a lot of it.
    I tested negative for celiac (runs in my family) but test or no test, I KNOW that I will have problems if I eat certain foods. For people with celiac, it can be deadly, for me it seems to be painful and uncomfortable. Is it the gluten? It could be, but I don't have the "test" to show me for sure. All I have is how I "feel" :) I'll have to take that as my own proof.
    About GMO's. I think it should be labeled as such so consumers know. They are afraid to label it because they think people wont buy it, but people are and probably will still keep buying GMO foods (they are now anyway). Genetically engineered produce has been consumed for a long time. I've heard that all corn and soy is GMO and you know that's in a lot of processed food in some way too.
    Bottom Line: It should be on the label.
    Sorry so wordy but on this topic its impossible for me-LOL
    Oh, one of the girls I work with noticed I got the "pep in my step" back and asked how I told her the stuff I wasn't eating. Sugar, Starch, Grains.

    Edit: I'll also add, once they do label GMO foods, they will slap a big sticker on the front to tell you just how awesome and wholesome this stuff is for you and your kids, just like they do with b'fast cereal! Almost guarantee that!
    2829 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/24/2013 8:22:00 PM
    I totally agree with the GMO it is disgusting what they get away with putting in food. Guess that is why I am having homemade stew for supper, with fresh veggies ( some from dil garden) and the best beef I can afford, wish it was the best but... I also make our soups etc. very little processed other than once in while we get treats. In winter we have oatmeal or millet and amaranth cereal.
    I went gluten free when my sister in law did to get rid of her belly bloat and it really helped her. I do find my digestion is better when I don't eat gluten but it could be the wheat or whatever. Then in Feb I went to a naturopath to see if she can help with my arthritis pain... she put me gluten free, sugar and dairy. She said and don't just eat the gf stuff on the shelves at the store it is junk.
    I felt better, less pain ( a bit) and way less bloat lost 30 lbs. Okay the sugar slowly crept in and now am fighting to get it back out.

    So GMO I so totally am on board and really do believe about the Europeans eating better yet the Americans think they are so intelligent yet cos of the allmighty dollar all ow their people to eat poision! anyway......... gluten free well I am on the board but do bettr so will mostly eliminate it. On occasion I may have something that has some gluten but I don't eat reg. grain products anymore. The paleo people say that the wheat we have now is so not near what our mothers even our grandmothers used, which is causing the issues. so yea gluten but ehy that wheat also has pesticdes etc and gmo once again.
    didn't give you much of an answer but there is tons of info. can read a paleo site, or gluten sites...
    2829 days ago
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