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The insanity begins, again.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Before I get to the insanity part I have to brag on my daughters for a moment. Son is doing great and I'm sure will have something to brag on soon, but this week belonged to the girls. First awards assembly of the year and oldest daughter (middle child), who struggles with much of what is involved in school, got the Citizenship award. She has been going out of her way to help with anything she can. She helps the lunch ladies clean up after lunch, she holds the door for the entire class when they are leaving the classroom and turns lights on and off for the teacher. So proud of her for going the extra mile. Youngest also got awards, two reading awards because she has been reading up a STORM. Then her teacher stopped me when I was on campus this morning and told me how impressed she is. The class (2nd grade) is doing a unit on fables, fairy tales and folktales. This week they were to write a few sentences of their own tale. Daughter wrote her entire story, The Three Little Mice and the Big Bad Cat. One part of the story has the first little mouse building his house of cheese and then eating it so he got caught by the cat because he had no house. The teacher explained that the HOPE was that by the end of the unit every student would have a story written. Daughter completed the final assignment about half way through the unit. She is my super creative kid who wants to grow up to be a teacher and an author who illustrates her own books. She also got praises from her best friend's mom. She was at a play date at their house and was playing a game with her friend and in the mom's words my daughter was "kicking" her daughter's "butt". My daughter told her friend that "just because I am winning doesn't mean you aren't good too." This melted the friend's mom's heart. She was so thankful for my daughter's kind attitude and words. She threatened to steal my child-lol. So proud of my girls, moments like this make me think there must be SOMETHING I'm doing right, but truthfully, they sort of just came that way. It's just who they are :) Boasting over, on with the show :)

So, a little while ago I got this urge. An urge I haven't felt for awhile. I've been keeping on with my running. Not too seriously. I missed a lot of days during the summer. I've been getting slower instead of faster and I've just kind of been in a running rut.

I'm not sure why, but suddenly I knew what I had to do to break out of the rut. It is time to run another half marathon. Oh my goodness. I'm insane.

I mentioned this to my sister when I suddenly had the desire to run the same half I did as my first half. Long story short, it was HORRIBLE. The route was terrible, the day was HOT, there wasn't enough water on the course, which was okay because there weren't enough porta-potties either and if I'd had more to drink I might have needed something that simply wasn't there. It just was NOT a great race so I have no clue why I was suddenly possessed with the need to repeat the experience. Anywayy, I went to FB asking my workout group (aka my sister-lol-there are other members but I knew she'd answer before anyone else if anyone else responded at all) to virtually smack some sanity into my head.

She did a fine job reminding me of the horrors (she was there she knew) and that the time frame was all wrong. The end result though was several options with better timing and better locations. These possibilities were considered for a week or two then, about a week and a half ago (maybe two weeks) my sister found the PERFECT race. It is "local". Let me quickly explain those quotation marks...we live, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. Now, our town has grown considerably since we first moved here 33 years ago, but we still live in the middle of nowhere. We have two Wal-marts and multiple Starbucks, but our "mall" is a joke and to do any REAL shopping you have to leave town, which is made more interesting in the fact that there is no freeway through or at the edges of town. You MUST travel at least half an hour in any direction before you find a freeway. Considering this is Southern California, the land of freeways, it makes us quite unusual and qualifies us for "middle of nowhere" status. Local does not mean IN TOWN around here. Local means less than an hour away. So, at 45 minutes away this race is local.

The venue is interesting. Our area has a long heritage of agriculture and a part of this route goes through historic orange groves. The price is right at under $70 for the half it is a downright steal. This includes shirt and medal as well as on course support, etc. All the normal stuff. It includes a 5K distance for our mother and a kids' race for my children (they've become quite addicted to being able to do a kids' race when I run (I love it!!)). In short, it was the complete package, the perfect solution, you could hear the heavenly choir and see the light beaming down from heaven. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but my football team won tonight so go easy on me.

Recently I printed a handful of plans, but while at my sister's tonight (for my little grand-niece's birthday party) she showed me the plan she had completed, which relied heavily on the plan I was going to use for the basis of my training, so I quite literally stole her plan and ran with it. Okay, I didn't run, I left when the party was over and just walked away with it, but I did literally take her plan :). She saved us the trouble of e-mailing it and then reprinting it, she'll just reprint a new copy for herself....isn't she wonderful? Say "yes".

So, it is official, we are in training, for a half marathon, in January, in Riverside, on a Saturday (I try to limit Sunday races and our mom is quite opposed to them) and it has all the features we want. In addition, I just won a gift card for one of my favorite running supply stores (Road Runner Sports). I don't know how much it is for yet, they didn't say and are mailing it to me, but in any case it'll go towards SOMETHING for the new training schedule, either new shoes or new compression socks or just compression calf sleeves.

So, I have gone quite crazy and am LOOKING FORWARD to torturing myself for the next 3 months. Seriously, looking forward to it!! See you on the roads :).

If you happen to live in the So Cal and want info on this race it can be found here:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    now you can feel HUMAN again to be back in a schedule with a near forseeable goal in sight
    2865 days ago
    Yep - certifiably insane!! But in a good way!!! :-)

    We can totally do this...no problem! (HA!!! - convincing myself as much as I am attempting to convince you!)

    Did you do the 2 miles on the plan this morning??
    2865 days ago
    I loved that story about your daughter!!! She is such a wonderful person!!!
    I like that you give them credit for being who they are, but there's no doubt that you're doing LOTS of things right!

    Way to go on getting re-sparked about running too! Good luck with the training!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2866 days ago
    Sounds like a great run. Glad you can get your family involved.

    Congrats on your daughters reading and writing.
    2866 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    Great on your daughters! And great plan on your part...have a wonderful weekend!
    2867 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6784549
    Your daughters are amazing and a credit to you. I've always said you're an awesome mum!!
    Love your plan and I know you get such a kick with your sister when you run. Have fun and good luck!
    Have a great weekend emoticon
    2867 days ago
    Sounds like you have a fantastic plan in place and something wonderful to train for and look forward to, Good for you! And your sister too.
    2867 days ago
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