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Should Obese People Watch TV?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Absolutely not. Never.

Sell it. Get rid of it.

Every moment you are sitting in front of the TV another piece of your life force is being sucked out of your body and soul.

You don't have very much life force anyway because you are weak and sick and obese. You can't barely move now. Another hour of TV is a negative no matter how "good" the show is.

Take the extra money from the cable bill and the TV sale and spend it on playing with your kids so they don't have to remember the obese mom sitting there doing nothing and half dead like my twenty year old son just reminded me about.

I did get rid of the TV when he was seven and he still now has the picture of his sick, fat mom not moving except to blink.

I have not once missed that TV. Not once.

= =
This blog post is also in honor of my obese neighbor who just had abdominal surgery and only leaves his TV to come out and smoke.

1. He looks twenty years older than last week.

2. He looks nineteen months pregnant.

3. He just yelled at me when I told him he should be stretching in bed to heal quicker. "My Doctors told me not to move and I am not listening to you."

Keep going Sparkies. You are in the right place.

My two years at goal is in 5 days.....

It's so much better here.

In response to your comment. Do not think of "good" or "evil". Think of the limited time you have on earth with your family.

The need to defend TV is strong among my Sparkies! Just get rid if it for a year and see what happens!

I cannot help my neighbor. My energy and ability are not up to it. All I can do is post here and hope someone who needs it sees it...

I'm so lucky to have you all.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We use TV as a handicap for being heavy, but what about the other things we do just sitting down like the computer or texting all day. Who are we to say what someone else should do. Like the post above--BMCOLLEY, Let's be their friend and not judge. Each of us has a "handicap". Just because someone is "thin" doesn't necessarily mean they are healthy.
    2818 days ago
    Like anything else in life, some people have more problems with TV than others. I am thin now but watch TV, however I have never eaten while watching. And I don't watch until everything else is done. The only exceptions are breaking news (9/11) and NFL football. We all have different problems.
    2818 days ago
    I like to watch tv while walking or running on my treadmill. I get the local news in and I am entertained.
    2819 days ago
    I watch my fair share of TV, but I tend to agree with what you are saying. It tends to take the place of far more rewarding things that you could be doing to actually live life.
    2819 days ago
    I agree: life is better without t.v., but that's hard to realize until you break away....
    2819 days ago
    Overweight people are usually very depressed. They can't stand people staring at them and passing judgment on them. They have to have something to do if they stay in the home. Most of these things involve sitting down like watching t.v. Unless you are willing to go the mile to help this person none of you should continue to talk to him as if you have a medical degree. Even if you do have a medical degree you don't know him well enough to treat him. That surgery he had is not supposed to be given to depressed person; however, it is unbelievable how many are fully depressed. Before the surgery they were afraid people were staring at their fat. After the surgery, they are afraid people are staring at them because they had been cut on.

    Want to do something good. Try being his friend and make conversation with him to encourage him to stay outside for a while. You do not have the right to dictate to him no matter how concerned you are. Question: How do you know his physician didn't tell him to take it easy so he does not have a heart attack or something else?
    2819 days ago
    I agree TV in itself isn't evil or wrong, it is the use of it and the way people abuse it. If you are using it for information, exercise etc. but if you sit all day and watch dribble as I call most of it.... I watch 2 shows a year, and hubby either watches tv or on his laptop on his edge of the chair or a combo most of the day. I can't make him move and OMG no tv. HA our friends just did that.. awesome. I could easily do that but don't ask me to give up the library. so i could ( don't but could) sit and read all day....
    2819 days ago
  • GENRE009
    First let's clear up that word obese! I am 40 pounds over weight, a size 12. Most people don't really think I am fat. Yet I know that for my frame, out side of my clothes I do look heavy, and am defined as obese. I don't think you should stop watching tv, the rest of aren't! Why be so hard on yourself! Just modify your sitting times. Don't watch tv all the time. Get moving to lose weight. After a while you'll enjoy being out and about also. Cause being heavy makes you want to hide from the world, and just do nothing but sit around, or sleep.
    2819 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    TV isn't evil, it's how one uses it that can become unhealthy! PBS and FIT TV channels etc...can be helpful to those with lessor means for yoga programing, and other health related themes!!!

    I do however, agree that being more active outside and more social with face to face interactions is preferred....but certainly one can view tv as a healthy person!
    2819 days ago
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