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Going the extra mile...literally.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

So, today was my second (well, would have been third, but missed one) run for the Half-Marathon training. Plugged my phone in last night, made sure it was charging, went to bed. Almost didn't wake up in time this morning-EEK. Kitten came in and licked me awake. This is her new trick, when she is ready for some attention she comes and licks me until I wake up and pet her, she does it at all hours of the night, there is no set schedule and it's really annoying. Since she does it at all times I tried not to pay attention and tried to go back to sleep, but before I could accomplish the task middle child (the early riser) comes in "Mommy, can I get up now?" "What time is it?" Sounds of medium sized feet creepy across the bedroom to the clock so she can see it. "5:12" "WHAT?!?!?!"
"Yeah, you can get up, when Grandma get here tell her I'll be right out, I'm getting ready." "Okay."

And so started my morning. Hubs set the alarm last night and I asked if it was set, but didn't look at it. While I was getting ready he checked the clock to see what happened....he set it for 5:50 instead of 4:50-lol!! Good thing the cat and the kid woke me up. Evidently Grandma was running a little late too because I did manage to get dressed except for shoes and socks before she arrived :). Guess what, though. Phone wasn't charged!! What the HECK? I'm convinced it is the charger that is the problem now, because I used a different outlet and it's been plugged in all this time and it still isn't charged. So, I get to call AT&T AGAIN and demand they fix this. But, still, the phone was more than 50% charged last night when I went to bed so why would it lose all that power, just sitting there in about 7 hours? I don't know, I think it is a conspiracy to keep me off my paces.

Which was the part of the workout this morning that I totally spaced on...I was supposed to finish with 4x20 sec paces and just totally didn't even do it. I think I was distracted, besides, with no phone I had no way to time 20 seconds.

The rest of the workout went okay though, had my music the dog only stopped us three times instead of five or six. Got home in good time, it was all okay.

Got home, sat down for a second, the kids were dressed and ready for school and we were good to go except it was still a little early. Then middle reminded me that they wanted to ride their bikes today. Oh yeah.......hmmm. Well, my bike got stolen (nice, huh?) so that meant I'd be on foot. Long story short, the school has requirements about the ages of students who can ride bikes or scooters by themselves. The student has to be 4th grade or older to ride or scoot to school by themselves, walking is fine at any age, but not anything involving wheels. I kind of get it. The wheels can harm those on foot and it takes a level of responsibility to understand how NOT to hurt the pedestrians and how NOT to hurt yourself, especially if you are arriving during a burst in traffic. So, all this means that if youngest wants to ride I have to be with them. Which, being the type of mom I am, my kids don't escort themselves to school or home again, period. There have been MULTIPLE failed kidnapping attempts in the time since my son started there in Kindergarten and one of my kids isn't going to be the one that is finally a successful kidnapping attempt. Okay, sorry, I digress, rant over, sorry, take the safety of ALL children very seriously and while our area isn't a slum it also isn't sheltered from real life. So anyway, bikes, scooters and me on foot going to school. Son decided he would walk with me, middle took her bike, youngest had a flat and opted for her scooter.

It is .6 miles to the school (I really like that fact). Once I came home again I'd done an extra 1.2 miles above the plan for the day. I walked instead of running. We walked quickly to school because we lost quite a bit of time with the bike juggling and deciding who was doing what. I walked even more quickly home, I was thirsty and needed the girl's room by this point-lol.

The kids agreed that for the home trip it would be okay if I picked them up with the car. Thanks kids, I appreciate it. Next time we'll go round trip, but for today I've already gone an extra mile, two might be too much :). Looking forward to cooler mornings and afternoons so that we can do the bike, scoot, walk thing more often and I can fit in lots of extra miles :).

Today's plan: Later, do the yoga I didn't do yesterday because my tush is kinda feeling that extra mile. Do a bunch of laundry, which counts as strength-lol. No really, because our washer works fine, but the dryer died. So, I have to wash the clothes at home and then walk the wet load to the community machines about 100 yards away. If you've ever toted a wet load of laundry for any distance at all you will know that I'm giving my arms a good workout-lol. If you haven't, try it. Next time you do a load, put it in a basket and take it for a spin around the house. You'll understand soon enough how much a wet basket of laundry weighs :).

Okay, on with the rest of the day....have a good one everyone :).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good job on getting in lots of extra stuff! Those extras add up! :-)

    And say what - someone stole your NEW bike?!? Ugh...I just hate people that steal. So horrible to take something that doesn't belong to you. :-(
    2861 days ago
    Way to go getting it done in spite of the hick-ups!

    I used to live in a tiny house where the washing machine was inside but the dryer was outside and in a shed. Wet laundry is heavy!
    emoticon emoticon
    2862 days ago
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