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Good News from Doctor !

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Well, I usually hate going to the doctor but yesterday was awesome. I did labs on Sunday and got results back on Tuesday and saw Dr. on Wednesday, so its been busy.
I have had severe kidney disease for over a year, I get a GFR test (blood test) which determines my kidney function, mine had gone down to as low as 21. At 15 I would have to go on dialysis, so I stopped everything I was doing, eliminated some meds and ALOT of foods and have gotten busy getting healthy this year, swimming about 10 hours a week also.

My GFR has been in the 20's this whole year, just hovering in the 'severe stage' of kidney disease, and btw kidneys do not correct themselves, like lungs and livers...... they get worse and die. So......... my GFR was up to 32 ! I am OUT of severe stage and into moderate kidney disease, which is a whole lot better, WOW! The doctor kept saying INCREDIBLE yesterday, she was so happy for me.

Guess its not surprising that I was over the moon~ more good news followed, I have lost another 4 pounds so that makes 33 since April, and my diabetes number went down to 5.5 or an overall average of 111 per day. It had been at 10.8 previously, this is the HA1c test that shows 3 months of blood sugar readings. Another big plus.

So...... I am feeling pretty happy about now.

I've worked hard, eating only healthy real food, only produce and protein since April and working out 10 hours every week at the gym too. I also go to support group meetings that help tremendously, a 12 step group.

Today altho food may still call my name occasionally it is NOT screaming it or bansheeing it all day and all night long. It is in a good place with me now, I eat my healthy meals and say Thank YOU!

I have a long way to go and for me it is one day at a time, I cannot live in tomorrow and yesterday is over, so all I have is today, just now really.

Am I helping myself or hurting myself? What do I really want? And how far am I going to go to get it?

Right now I am helping myself, I am not self harming with too much food. Right now I want health above all else, looking better is nice, but I want to live baby, live. Vanity is out the window, this is about life today.

That is what I really want and I am willing to do anything to get it. I am willing to workout daily, plan healthy meals and eat them, take care of my soul and my emotions by getting help from friends, family and my own higher power I choose to call God today. What length am I willing to go to? ANY!

I will do whatever I have to do, with help from all, to get where I want to go, and live as long as I can, today that is more important that anything that goes in my mouth, or any negative thoughts that pound my head or heart. I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I will get there, if I am careful, willing, honest, hardworking and hopeful.

Thanks for reading this far, love and kisses ~ Jill

me on Saturday at the Aloha Festival, October 5, 2013

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